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Nutrition Facts Label Canada

How To Easily Make Nutrition Facts Label for Canada?

Posted on September 4, 2020
Category: Food Label
Creating food labels for Canada is now easier than ever before! Nutritionist Pro™, an online nutrition facts labelling application, offers users the ability to create labels which comply with the Canadian food inspection agency guidelines. But, what does Nutritionist Pro™ do? Food entrepreneurs like to focus more on food production and sales. They do not wish to spend much time analysing, creating, styling and creating food labels which comply with government guidelines. Nutritionist Pro™ is
EU Food Labelling Regulations
Under the new regulation on Food Information to Consumers (FIC), the origin of primary ingredients must be indicated if different from the origin of the food in order not to deceive consumers and to harmonize the display of food nutrition information. Several new changes to food labelling requirements in the European Union have been rolled out and food manufacturers have to comply with them whether they are based in Europe or exporting to a European
Nutrition Data Analysis Software
Diet analysis is about making a comparison of an individual’s typical food choices with those recommended by the food guidelines of a country. Based on the outcomes of diet analysis, recommendations are offered to support an individual to help achieve personal goals and help improve  overall health. Significance of Diet Analysis Diet analysis helps educate the patient as to what is a healthy, balanced diet for an individual based on age, height, weight and activity
Meal Planning Software Program
TV dinners were popular among families and singles even a few decades ago when they didn’t want to cook. These convenience foods were loaded with poor-quality ingredients and high in sodium and fat. Today’s prepared, prepackaged foods are even more convenient as they are delivered, with a focus on healthy recipes. They are prepared with fresh ingredients and packaged to be reheated in the microwave within a few minutes, making them the perfect choice for