How To Easily Make Nutrition Facts Label for Canada?
Nutrition Facts Label Canada

Creating food labels for Canada is now easier than ever before!

Nutritionist Pro™, an online nutrition facts labelling application, offers users the ability to create labels which comply with the Canadian food inspection agency guidelines.

But, what does Nutritionist Pro™ do?

Food entrepreneurs like to focus more on food production and sales. They do not wish to spend much time analysing, creating, styling and creating food labels which comply with government guidelines. Nutritionist Pro™ is available to make labelling tasks easier.

Nutritionist Pro™ creates food labels for packages, by providing the ability to build unlimited recipes, show users the nutrient values of their foods, while providing access to create unlimited labels in different formats and various languages including English, French or English/French. Everything is conveniently available in the online application.

The Canada labels module of Nutritionist Pro™ allows users to access the included extensive Canadian ingredient database to help create recipes.

How does Nutritionist Pro™ do it?

The process is simple, easy, quick with a click-and-go service. The nutrition facts label, which Nutritionist Pro™ creates, can be printed and shared. If you wish to learn more, take a deep dive into how it’s done.

The steps below briefly describe how easily Nutritionist Pro™ users create nutrition facts labels with the online application.

To begin with:

  • Click on the Create Label button in the main dashboard of the application
  • On the next screen, you have to select your region, your labels
  • and the style, language of the label
  • If you change your mind, you can always go back to change the label order style
  • Click continue when finished

On the next tab

  • Pick your food
  • Your recently created foods and recipes are shown below (Nutritionist Pro™ makes it extremely simple)
  • You can either search from the list or type the name of the foods to make your selection
  • Once you find the right item, select the check box next to the food’s name
  • Click continue when finished

On the next tab

  • Options to finalize your label
  • The four categories are General, Nutrient, Ingredients, and Allergens
  • The Nutrient tab shows all of the data of your food
  • If you wish to change any number, simply type over the values
  • If any mandatory and/or nutrient values are missing, the application will alert you with a red message box
  • One can type in those missing values as appropriate or check your recipe in the recipe section to see why the data is missing

On the General tab

  • Assign Serving size
  • Reference amount
  • Nutrient clients

The last tasks are for your ingredient statements and allergens. You can edit and clean up the text shown in the application as needed before moving on to the final table. Once done, simply hit the continue button, and see the final label.

Find the label design screen and simple editing features. Color it, scale as you need, and save the label when it’s’ ready.

That’s it, you are done!

Final Thought:

Nutritionist Pro™ makes the entire process of food labelling a breeze! From analysis to compliance with food laws, down to printing labels in batches of any size and color, this application is a great for food businesses, shaving off the cost of time and money involved with creating nutrition facts labels.

Want to learn how easily and quickly Nutritionist Pro™ can create nutrition facts labels for your food business in Canada? Click here.