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6 Benefits Of Using Nutrition Software for your Business - Nutritionistpro

Six Benefits Of Using Nutrition Software For Your Business

The awareness to lead a healthy life is on the increase nowadays due to the progressive rise in the number of people with non-communicable diseases. This trend has been linked to increasing industrialization with the upsurge in the production of processed foods rich in sugar and fats. Nutrition education on portion sizes, nutrition profiling, and…

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Natashas Law

Natasha’s law for foods and beverages in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Natasha’s Law is an allergen identification law for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  The law was created after Natasha lost her life when she consumed a food item that did not display all the allergens present in the food.  She unknowingly consumed something she was allergic to.  This was not anyone’s fault, and no…

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Online Nutrition Practice Optimization

Online Nutrition Practice Optimization 2021

Time to optimize and expand your online nutrition business & practice? No matter you’re just getting started or already have one. This just indicates you’re seeking new ways to assist your clients and want to see what else you can do to add value. This will only happen if you begin to expand your Nutrition…

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National Nutrition Month

Axxya Systems is Celebrating National Nutrition Month® 2021

“When in doubt, use nutrition first,” said Dr. Roger Williams, a British professor of hepatology, well-known for his work on vitamins and human nutrition. People often freak out wondering whether to choose foods based on dieting trends or nutrition principles. For all of them, this month ‘March’ has a big significance because it’s being celebrated…

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Best Nutritional Software

Nutrition Facts Analysis Software: Choosing the Perfect Solution for Your Business Needs

Are you looking for a nutrition facts analysis software with  an end-to-end solution? Searching for a software which fits your needs can be time-consuming and difficult at times! Before getting started, it is good to know the features which make up the best nutrition facts analysis software and which can help you identify and pick…

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Diet Analysis Program

Nutrition Software – Why Use it in Your Nutrition Analysis Practice?

Do you spend countless hours designing personalized diet plans for your clients? Do you need to provide diet plans faster for demanding clients with ethnic taste preferences? We can help with your day-to-day professional challenges by providing solutions to those requirements quickly and efficiently. Most healthcare professionals nowadays prefer to use nutrition software with a…

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Meal Planning Software Program

Meal Planning Software – Why is it essential for Dietitians and Nutritionists?

Watching an interview a few months back where the interviewer asked a dietitian if she used any tool to plan meals for her patients. The answer surprised the interviewer as the dietitian only used pen and paper to plan meals for her patients. When asked why she was not using a meal planning software, she…

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myplate food pattern

Supertracker was discontinued June 30th, 2018 how can this impact my students?

Did you know that SuperTracker was discontinued on June 30 3018?  SuperTracker was a great food pattern analysis tool that allowed users to enter the foods they consumed, and it displayed how those foods fit into a pattern of various food groups.  Food Pattern analysis is a great way to show where your diet needed…

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