Nutrition Data Analysis

Sweet Potatoes vs Regular Potatoes

Potatoes vs Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes are the world’s most widely consumed food crop, after only rice, wheat, and maize (corn) in terms of human consumption. Potatoes were first cultivated about 10,000 years ago in South America. Now the cultivation of this versatile tuber has spread all over Europe, Asia, and Africa in the last five centuries. Potatoes are presently…

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Diet Analysis Program


The efficiency of diet analysis processes for Dr. Haewook Han has improved significantly with the adoption of Nutritionist Pro™. Listen to this renowned kidney nutrition specialist, with her 30-years of experience in this profession: “this diet analysis program provides a more accurate estimate of diet analysis for patients than estimated by a registered dietitian.” BACKGROUND…

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Best Nutrition Labels

Top 4 Benefits of Using the Best Food Nutrition Labels Creation Software

A competitive business environment exists today. The businesses which use advanced technologies are able to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Food businesses need to have real time inventory, be quick to market, and produce professional labeling solutions. With the right labeling solution, businesses can remain competitive and experience a myriad of benefits – including…

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Nutrition Food Label Maker Application

New FDA Food Labeling Format on Nutritionist Pro™

The new FDA labeling format is integrated into Nutritionist Pro™ application and software! Small food manufacturing companies (<$10mm food sales) may not require using the new format until early next year, 2021, but sooner is better to make the transition. As the FDA says: “We generally encourage industry to comply with new labeling regulations as…

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Food Analysis Software

Want to Start Your Own Food Business? Keep a List of Priorities in Mind!

Many popular food businesses started their journey from home kitchens. BonBon Collections is one of them born out of a home kitchen environment, which delights us with their desserts, cakes, ice cream, cupcakes, and other delicious vegan products that do not contain any of the priority allergens. Thao Nguyen of BonBon Collections began preparing gluten-free,…

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Food Processor Nutrition Analysis Software

A Powerful & Robust Food Processor Nutrition Analysis Software: Key Benefits

One of the most challenging and ambitious objectives that food and health authorities worldwide are striving to achieve is the promotion of healthy lifestyle and nutrition. All of us are aware of the fact that obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome are largely the consequences of nutrition-related problems and these have a marked impact on modern…

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Nutrition Data Analysis Software

The Benefits of using a Nutrition Data Analysis Software for menus and diets: Healthcare Edition

Dietitians, nutritionists, and researchers, enjoy much flexibility in their practices when using a nutrition data analysis software. The software is especially useful for professionals who are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, flexible, and time-saving solution for nutrition data analysis. It can improve service quality, streamline the daily practice of nutrition, and provide the ability to…

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