Diet Analysis Module

This Nutrition Analysis Software offers:

  1. Diet recall, 24 hour, 3 day
  2. Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ)
  3. Meal Planning for patient and facility
  4. Patient Nutrient, Exercise and Weight Goals
  5. Recipe modifications to make them healthier
  6. Latest Dietary Reference Goals
  7. Over 55+ reports for education

A great option for anyone in these industries–
Dietitians, Hospitals, meals on wheels, non-profit programs, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Research, Wellness, Fitness, the Military and more.

Diet Analysis for RD

Set a patient’s Nutrient Goal

–Track nutrient intake and exercise output for your patient.

Monitor Nutrient Intake

Monitor nutrient intake using the latest Dietary Reference Goals for each patient.  Compare goals to keep patients on track.

  • Set Exercise Goals — Pick from a list of exercises to see calorie expenditure for your patient.
  • Calculate Calorie Needs — Calculate using built in formulas as well, track weight over time.

Track a patient’s Diet & Food Intake

–See how your patient is eating via a Diet record or Food Frequency Questionnaire.

Extensive foods from around the world

A large variety of food data from around the world makes it easy to track a patient’s intake.

  • 24-hr or 3-day Diet Recall — Create recalls to see how your patient is eating, great for nutrition education.
  • Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) — To see how the patient is eating over time use the FFQ

Meal Planning and Menu Creation

–Use built in meal plans for various calories and health conditions.

Menu Creation Features

Use our built in menus and quickly create a menu.  Edit menu templates once and reuse it as needed to save time!

  • Comprehensive Menus — Use preset menus for various calorie levels or categories like Heart Healthy, High Protein, Eating out and more.
  • Nutrient Data for Menus — Use the DRI goals to see how the menu compares.
  • Cycle Menu — Create weekly or monthly menus for hospital, schools or any other food service type facility.

Many report options make nutrition education easier?

–Access various reports in the Diet Analysis Module.

Large Report Variety

Select from over 55+ report options to help analyze diets, recipes, goals, menus and more.

  • Popular reports — MyPlate, Dietary Guidelines, Nutrition Summary, Menu Food List and more.
  • Spanish Reports & Extract Options — We offer some Spanish reports.  You can also extract reports in pdf, csv, rtf etc.
System requirements

Installation options and tech needs

–We offer individual and multi-user setup for the Diet Analysis Module.

Easily install on a PC environment

Whether working individually or with a team, we offer options for your needs.