Nutrition Analysis Software

Use our Diet Analysis Software to analyze diets, recipes menus for patients/clients

Diet Analysis and 24 Hour Recall

Enter your patients/clients diet or 24 hour recall to see nutrient breakdown of their foods. Educate and change eating habits based on this information.

Nutrition Research and Goal Tracker

Choose from a list of exercises, calculate caloric expenditure, set nutrient daily goals and track their diets, recipes or menus. 

Meal Planning made easier

Use pre-built in menus like High Protein, Heart Healthy Meals, or build your own using a wizard feature for fast quick menus.

Diet Analysis and 24 Hour Recall

Use the Nutritionist Pro™ software to see detail nutrition breakdown of your patients' 24 hour or 3 day recall.  The program comes pre-built with a very large food nutrition database which makes it much easier to see how your patient is currently eating. 

The application also has excellent reports that can be generated for education purposes.  Show your patient or client where they are doing great and where they need some help by using the deficiency vs excess report.  Run the latest Dietary Guidelines report to showcase a healthy eating pattern.

A nutrient analysis software makes it easier to manage your patients in one area.  Add unlimited number of patients or clients and edit and add as many Diet Records as needed.


Nutrition Research and Goal Tracker

Our Diet Analysis application has been helping the research industry since the 1980s.  Set up your nutrition research protocols, then teach your student teams how to enter diet records or meal plans for each participant to be consistent.  In addition use the client ID # to keep each participant anonymous.  Once the data entry is completed you can pull the data into various excel formats.  Share these files with your statistics team for further analysis. 

We capture over 120+ nutrients and have a very extensive food database to assist in capturing diet recalls for various eating patterns, culture, cuisine and preferences.   

In addition the nutrition analysis software comes with a built in Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) as well to see how a participant is eating over a longer period of time. 

nutrition research facility

Meal Planning made easier!

Use pre-built sample menus by various calorie levels to make things faster and more efficient.  Provide these samples to your patients or clients to make modifications you see fit.  Create nutrition goals and then compare those goals against any menu, or diet to show your patient areas that need improvement vs what they are doing really well. 

Create menu templates in the system and then reuse these and modify small things for each patient.  For example create a sample 1500 calorie heart healthy menu in the template section.  Once the template is created use it as many times as needed for each patient.  If you have a patient that has certain food preferences you can use this template and just modify it for this patient.  This feature will save you time in menu planning.  

In addition use our copy, paste, add to more than one day and other features to make menu creation fast and efficient for you and your team. 


Our Nutritionist Pro™ Diet Analysis Module can help meet your Nutrient analysis needs!

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