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We are Nutritionist Pro™, a leading software application for nutrition technology and data.  Designed and managed by registered dietitians for your comprehensive nutrition analysis needs.  From food labels to menus to recipe calculations, Nutritionist Pro™ makes all your food science needs a simple and streamlined process.

Since 1982 over 1,000,000 have relied on the Nutritionist Pro™ family of products.  Our software offers compliance for USA, Canada, EU/UK and China/Hong Kong.

Nutritionist Pro

Some of our clients

Nutritionist Pro™ is used around the world by nutrition and food professionals

Our Product Offerings

Food Labeling

Diet Analysis

Menu Creation

Food Labeling

Custom Nutrition Food Label Formats

Nutrition Food Labels
Food G

Easy Recipe Creation

Create and analyze unlimited recipes using easy to navigate screens.  

Label G

Food label template

We offer labels for the following regions — USA, Canada, UK/EU, China/Hong Kong.

Sub Ing List G

Food Label Formats

Various label designs — Vertical, Aggregate, Dual Column, Horizontal etc.  

Diet Analysis for RD

Diet Analysis

Nutrition Analysis Software

Diet P

24 hour or 3 day diet recall

Educate and change eating habits based on current diets. Over 55+ report options.

Weight P

Nutrition Research & Goals

Calculate caloric expenditure, set nutrient goals, track diets, recipes or menus. 

Meals P

Meal Planning made easier

Use built in menus, High Protein, Heart Healthy, or build your own.

Meal Planning Software.

Menu Board for Calories
Food R

Cycle Menus for conditions

Menus to meet nutrient criteria like High Protein, Heart Healthy or you customize.

Recipe R

Restaurant Menus made easier

Display calories on a menu board, comply with Menu Labeling.

Yield R

Nutrient values for menus

Compare menus against many nutrient goals — DRI goals or set your own.

Raw Nutrient Database of Foods and Beverages

Use our database to calculate nutrition values for your mobile and web applications

Rely on data which has helped the nutrition industry since 1982.

The Nutrition Raw Database is a subset of the proven knowledge base which is behind  Nutritionist Pro™ nutrition analysis software. Our staff of registered dietitians work continuously on the food database and strive to provide the most comprehensive nutrition information in the industry.The flexible structure of the database allows for easy integration into any custom software application.  See additional features.

What Clients Say About Our Nutrition Products

Loma Linda

The Nutritionist Pro database met the needs of my graduate students that were assigned to evaluate their 3-day food records in the context of their vegetarian and ethnically diverse meal patterns

Michelle Wien, DrPH, RD, CDE
Loma Linda University

Weight Watchers

The dietitians on the Weight Watchers® team find Nutritionist Pro to be a comprehensive, user-friendly software that provides an excellent tool to analyze thousands of recipes and menus.

Stephanie Shoemer, RD,
Weight Watchers®

Duke University

I have been a Nutritionist Pro user for many years and have been very satisfied. The program is easy to use, it has a large database of foods and the analysis contains many nutrients. Their customer service and technical support is great and they continue to provide excellent updates to the program.

Anne Boney, MEd, RD, LDN.
Duke University Medical Center

Joy Bauer

Nutritionist Pro has enabled me to enhance client sessions as well as analyze recipes. It’s easy to use, has a comprehensive database and provides great information.

Joy Bauer, MS, RD, CDN

Greater Boston Food Bank

As an organization that distributes over 51 million pounds of healthy food annually to those in need, we also strive to promote nutrition education. We provide meal programs and food pantries with a variety of recipes to prepare onsite or share with clients, using Nutritionist Pro has enabled us to conduct nutrition analysis and create Nutrition Facts Labels with ease. It is also very easy to create, analyze, and update multi-day menus for meal program service as well. Nutritionist Pro is helping The Greater Boston Food Bank to promote healthy lives and healthy communities in the work we do.

Kendra Bird, RD, LDN,
Director of Distribution Services & Nutrition
Greater Boston Food Bank

Chicago Food Bank Bianca D.G.

We were having some data entering/updating issues within the Nutritionist Pro system. Marte was very timely and helpful in resolving the issues. I was so glad to hear that Axxya had taken our experience and initiated steps to improve the process. This is a refreshing change compared to other software companies!!

Chicago Food Bank Bianca D.G.

Pizootz Peanuts

Nutritionist pro makes a label as easy as eating peanuts” Thank you for being so good!

Pizootz Peanuts
Bo Perry Mad Scientist Nuts

Franchise Support Specialist

Nutritionist Pro has been instrumental in developing the nutritional database for Newk’s Express Café. They have been detail oriented and responsive to our needs as we created this nutritional information for our web site.

Newk’s — Tiffany Travelstead
Franchise Support Specialist

Donna Munsterman Prepared Foods Manager

After having tried several nutrition analysis companies, Axxya has delivered the quickest and most reliable nutrition information to us. I would also add that you guys have been extremely thorough with the information required from us to insure accuracy and you go the extra length to contact our vendors for info we are unable to supply.

Donna Munsterman Prepared Foods Manager

Matthew Baizer President

We have enjoyed working with Axxya. After analyzing all of our recipes, they were able to provide a custom easy to use, cost- saving database that enables us to perform our own recipe analysis as needed. We found their knowledge and expertise in the area of gluten analysis to be especially comforting as we strive to provide more gluten-free menu options to those who have to live a gluten -free lifestyle. Their customer service has been amazing, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Zao Noodle Bar
Matthew Baizer President

Mariano Stellner Corporate Director F&B

When looking for a qualified software partner for our Lifestyle Cuisine program, we analyzed many options. The goal was to find a solution allowing us to follow and track nutritional measurements that were established by the Fairmont F&B team. The focus was on making evaluating recipes and nutritional details precise and easy for our chefs to follow. We ultimately chose Axxya’s Nutritionist Pro, a software package primarily used by professional Nutritionists in their day to day operations, which really delivers on the aforementioned criteria very well.

The Americas Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Mariano Stellner Corporate Director F&B

Shelly Freyn

In my 20 years in the food industry, I have worked with some of the most well-known sophisticated labeling software on the market. Last year, in consulting for a small food company, I was asked to investigate programs for their company. Through Institute of Food Technology resources, I found Nutritionist Pro. Not only does it offer the ability to formulate, determine claims and develop FDA approved labeling, the service and support is outstanding. Even more importantly, the program is affordable for small to mid sized companies while offering all the formulating and labeling needs for any sized company. I highly recommend Nutritionist Pro to all my clients.

Food Scientist/Industry Consultant
Shelly Freyn

Donna Kelley Technology Manager

Axxya’s quality, professionalism, and support has been superlative. Axxya is an excellent partner—they understand both our business and technical needs, and work closely with us to help us be successful. Our customers are consistently impressed with the coverage and accuracy of the database. The Nutritionist Pro database is a key competitive differentiator for our product.

Cengage Learning Inc.
Donna Kelley Technology Manager

Joan Vieweger Co-Founder

THANK YOU” to the wonderful team at Axxya/Nutritionist Pro. It’s rare these days to find companies that deliver on their promise, with people who are pleasant, helpful and professional, and with a sense of urgency to boot! You saved us considerable time and aggravation and for that we are most appreciative. Your software is terrific, but your people are your best asset!

Joan Vieweger Co-Founder

Retail Manager HSC Cafeteria

The Nutritionist Pro was by far the best client based software I have ever used, it has saved me hours of paper work and very simple to use! I would recommend it to anyone in the nutrition field.

Callan Fay