Meal Planning Software

Use our Menu Planning Software to analyze menus, and create cycle menus for facilities and patient/clients.

Cycle Menus for various conditions

Use built in menus that meet nutrient criteria such as High Protein, Heart Healthy Meals. Modify and build your own cycle menus for various number of days.

Menu creation made easier

Use menu features that make meal planning fast and efficient.  Save time by using features such as copy, paste, multiple additions for some foods and more.

Set meal planning nutrient goals

Compare menus against many pre built nutrient goals. Use the latest DRI goals or set your own goals and see how the menu compares to that.

Cycle Menus for various conditions

Do you need to create cycle menus for your facility?  Are you an organization that needs to feed your specific population certain meals for certain days.  For example, are you a cafeteria looking to make a 30 day cycle menu?  Our menu creation features allow you and your team to build unlimited menus, using pre built features for easy creation. 

Do you need to create menus that meet certain health conditions, use our sample menus and build from those based on your specific needs.  For example, we offer some sample menus such as FODMAP, Heart Healthly, Diabetic Friendly use those as a foundation and edit and modify to fit your specific needs. 

Meal Planner

Menu creation made easier

Creating menus can take many many hours.  Use our built in automated features that save you time and creates an efficient workflow for a meal planner.  In the menu templates section of the application create menus that can then be reused and edited for each patient or company.  For example create a sample 1500 calorie heart healthy menu in the template section.  Once the template is created use it as many times as needed for each patient or cafeteria.  If you have a patient that has certain food preferences you can use this template and just modify it for this patient.  This feature will save you time in meal planning.  

In addition use our copy, paste, add to more than one day and other features to make menu creation fast and efficient for you and your team. 

Menu Nutrition Analysis

Set meal planning nutrient goals

Once the menu is completed check our nutrient profile reports and screens to compare how the menu looks against certain goals.  These features offer a quick way to see if the menu needs any tweaking to meet certain nutrient goals.

We capture over 120+ nutrients and have a very extensive food database to assist in creating many options for meal planning both for your patients or organization. 

Use various reports for education purposes or to meet any audit goals for your specific menus.  

Food Analysis

Our Nutritionist Pro™ Menu Creation Module can help meet your Nutrient Analysis needs!

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