FAQ’s For Nutritionist Pro

Need help? Be sure to read our list of FAQs below for answers to your questions!

Pricing Options

How do I purchase the Desktop software?
  1. We offer a few easy ways. You can easily purchase from our Product Catalog and as soon as purchase is complete you will be taken to a login page.  Login here and you will see a Download link once you click on Purchased Products from the left.  Our support team will also be in touch to help you with the install and to license your software.
  2. In addition, if you want to pay via Paypal, Check, Bank wire or Purchase order we can also send you an invoice. Contact us and we will be happy to help.
How much does Nutritionist Pro cost?

We offer different prices for various modules of Nutritionist Pro. We also offer Online and Desktop options for some of our modules. Check out our Product Catalog for pricing details.

How do I sign up for the Online Version Plan?

To purchase the online application, visit our Product Catalog and pick the online product and plan you wish to purchase. Once purchase is complete you will be taken to a login page immediately and you can login and begin to use the online application.

If your company does not allow purchases through the e-commerce store no problem contact us and we can offer you other options for payment – Paypal, bank wire, check and/or Purchase Orders.

How do I add more time to my online account or buy another plan?
  1. To add more time to your account simply log into your account and go to Manage Accounts.  To access Manage account you will see a Grey Person Profile image on the top right hand side of the application.  Click on that and select Manage Accounts.

  2. Go to Buy More products.  See the whole list of products that we offer and purchase the right one that meets your needs.
When I purchase the desktop software how many updates will I receive?
  1. We send 2 updates to our desktop clients within the 12 months’ period. After the 12 months are up we send a renewal invoice which is 50% less than the retail price.  We encourage all clients who want to continue to receive updates and support to renew your account.  Our software is updated continuously and keeping your account active will ensure you get these enhancements to the food data, software features and hardware compatibility.
  2. If you choose not to renew you will not receive any more updated software or support from our team and you can continue to use the version, you have.
How do I activate my desktop Nutritionist Pro account?
  1. We offer a few easy options to activate your account.  We can email you an invoice, please contact us and we will be happy to help you activate your account.
  2. If you already have an invoice you have a few options to pay – submit a PO, mail a check, process via Credit Card, or submit a bank wire. The details are provided on the invoice.
Can I cancel my Online Subscription?

Yes, it’s very easy to cancel. Login and go to Manage Accounts (click on your name on the top right hand corner) and select Subscriptions.  You will see a Cancel button there.

Is the Online Subscription a onetime payment or recurring?

We offer a few plans for the online subscription and the plans are based on recurring payments. So if a 12 month plan is picked you will be charged every 12 months for the plan.  You can cancel the plan if you no longer need to use the application.

I need multiple people to use Nutritionist Pro what are my options?
  1. Yes, any of our Desktop or Online applications can be purchased for multiple users when you are purchasing it through our store.  Simply add the quantity you need before you finalize your cart and the additional users will be added to your account.
  2. We offer discounts for additional users so contact us if you plan to buy for more than 1.
  3. If your company does not allow purchases through the e-commerce store no problem contact us and we can offer you other options for payment – Paypal, Bank Wire, Check and/or Purchase Orders.
I need to renew my Desktop Software and pay my invoice how do I do that?

Thank you for renewing your account.  The invoice you have you can pay via a few options.  If you need an invoice please contact us and we will be happy to send that to you.

  1. Mail a Check
  2. Send Wire Transfer (we can send you account information if you pick this option)
  3. Submit a PO to us via sales@axxya.com or fax # 425-984-0353
  4. Pay via Credit Card
    1. If you are located within US and Canada you can use this link to pay your open invoice
    2. If you are outside of the US please note this link above will not be able to run non US CCs but we can issue a Paypal invoice for you to submit a CC payment.  You dont need a Paypal account you will simply click on the paypal invoice we send and pay using a credit card.

In case you need our mailing address it is

Axxya Systems LLC

P.O. Box 3157

Redmond, WA 98073

Do you offer any Student Pricing?

Yes, we offer great discounts for our student users.  Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.  To qualify for a student discount tell us which program you are enrolled in and send us a copy of some paperwork that shows you are a current student to sales@axxya.com or by fax to 425-984-0353.

Payment options

  1. if you are located in US or Canada we can email you an invoice and you can use a major credit card to purchase and pay that invoice online.
  2. If you are located outside of the US we use Paypal for credit card processing we will send you a paypal invoice.  You don’t need a Paypal account, you will click on the invoice we send you and then pay with a credit card.
  3. Once payment is received our support team will send you a download link to install the application.

Demo Trial Options

What demo and trial options do you offer?
  • We offer both Desktop and Online applications and free trials for both.  Please click on the Free Trial page see link and complete the trial process as described.
  • We also have a great video library so check that out as well to see all the great features of our product line.
I can’t install your desktop demo on my machine, do you offer a live demo

Sometimes firewall and restrictions at your company may prevent you from installing our demo. No worries, we can setup an appointment with you and show you the features via a live demo meeting.  This is a good way to learn about our software and see which features will fit your needs better. To set this up simply contact us and we can set up a time to go over your needs.

Online Application

Which features are available for the online application?

Currently we offer these options on the online version

  1. Build Recipes/Formulas see nutrient breakdown.
  2. See Menu Labeling and other report for recipes/formulas
  3. Create Food Labels if needed
  4. Online application has the ability to meet nutrient guidelines for USA, Canada, Europe/UK, China/Hong Kong.
  5. Organize your recipes in a book.
  6. Use our API services to send data to any other 3rd party tool you might be using.

We also offer a Compare Chart for more extensive feature comparison between our modules

How would I use the online application?

Very simple all you do is login using this login page and access your recipes and labels from anywhere in the world from any device. Makes working with your team easy and fast.

What type of safety measures do you take to protect data online?

At Axxya Systems, we give utmost priority to safeguarding your data for Nutritionist ProTM Nexgen online.  We incorporate the same safety measures for your data which we do for our extensive Knowledge base of foods, ingredients and nutrients.  Therefore, we have segregated our safeguards into 3 sections for your peace of mind.  First, our application servers adhere PCI Level I compliance standards for safeguarding your data.  Second, we use Blue Snap as our global payment processor who is PCI Level I compliant and provides institutional level security of your information on their servers.  Last but not least we also use a Firewall or Gatekeeper in our application.

Desktop Software

What is the difference between Desktop and Online?

The main difference between Desktop and Online is how you access the software — via your own machine or network that houses the software or via the cloud/online which is where we handle the software for you.   For the desktop software, you are responsible for installing, updating and licensing the versions, for the online we handle all that for you, all you do it login using your username and password.

What is the difference between Menu Creation and Diet Analysis module?

Menu Creation and Diet Analysis modules are offered as desktop installation, both offer ability to analyze recipes, foods, create and build menus, set nutrient goals to compare against menus or recipes. The main difference is that Diet Analysis also offers and ability to manage clients and patients.  The client/patient feature allows users to create detail nutrient assessments for individual or groups of clients.  See our Compare Chart for more details, or connect with our team to show you a live demo of the products.

Does Nutritionist Pro work on a MAC?
  1. We offer both Online and Desktop options for some of our modules.
  2. For desktop installations, additional steps are needed to run on a MAC. You will need a windows license and use the Bootcamp feature in MAC to run any PC software.  Once you have this setup, you can run any PC software on your MAC including Nutritionist Pro.
  3. For Online applications, you can login from any device anywhere in the world all you need is an internet connection. No special steps are needed for MAC.
  4. Check out our Compare Chart to see which modules are offered in Desktop and which are offered as Online options, or you can quickly chat with us and we will be happy to help you.
I see you offer 2 type of instals for your desktop software – Standalone vs Network what is the difference?
  1. Nutritionist Pro CD Version has 2 different installation options – Standalone or Network
  2. Nutritionist Pro’s Stand Alone version— you can install each license on one computer. This license will have its own database and will not be connected with other Nutritionist Pro Stand Alone licenses at your office or facility. This is a great option for smaller companies, companies looking for a simple set up, universities setting up computer labs where each database resides on its own machine where there are no shared databases, etc.
  3. Nutritionist Pro’s Network version— you can install Nutritionist Pro on as many computers as you would like, as long as they are all connected to one central database. The number of simultaneous users you can have will depend on the number of licenses you have purchased. Your Nutritionist Pro database will be a shared database and anyone who has access to the program will be able to view the data, make changes or add to it. This is a great option for companies where more than 1 person will be involved with using the software and they want to share their data.
  4. If you would like to migrate and move to the network version, you have the option to do that.  Just contact our team at support@axxya.com and we can assist you with that.
I use an older version of Nutritionist Pro can I upgrade and keep all my custom data?

Yes absolutely, we can help migrate your older Nutritionist Pro version to the latest version, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

I bought a new computer can I install Nutritionist Pro on that?

Yes, you can move your install of the desktop software from older machine to a new computer simply create a ticket for our support team and they will provide you additional details.

How do I download the latest version of Nutritionist Pro?

We send the latest version to the primary contact listed on each account. If you would like us to change that primary contact, please let us know and we can make that change

If you need a link to the new version contact our support by creating a quick CS ticket and they will contact, you asap.

Nutrition Facts Food Labels

Does the government allow Nutritionist Pro to be used for label and recipe creation?
  1. Nutritionist Pro is able to create labels for a few regions – USA, Canada, UK/EU, China/HK. For these labels, the government allows the food and food service industry to use an ingredient database and software to calculate recipe data and food labels.
  2. Nutritionist Pro uses USDA, CNF, EU/UK databases and other government sources of data as well as data from the manufacturer.  In addition, our users are able to add ingredients not found in the software from their ingredients’ food package.
  3. This type of analysis is allowed by the government of these regions.  The various agencies request that you keep good records of your analysis and we recommend that when you are using the foods found in our database you should always look for the source of the food data which is shown next to the food name when you are searching and selecting.  So, if you are making a Canada Label use the data from Canada etc.  The agencies don’t provide a list of software vendors, but they allow ingredient databases to be used and leave it up to you to decide which ones you want to use.
  4. So if you are not sure if your region allows a nutrient and ingredient database to be used then we recommend you ask your particular region contact and if they do allow it then you can use this type of tool.  You can also send them the link to our website for further information as well.
What is the difference between Laboratory VS Database analysis?
  1. Nutritionist Pro uses a Database for nutrient analysis, we capture data from around the world from different sources and our software can be used to calculate nutrient breakdown of recipes, ingredients, food labels, diets, menus and more.
  2. Laboratory VS Database Nutrient Analysis:  Each process handles nutrient analysis differently and the government agencies do not enforce one over the other. As long as you keep good records and follow good protocols you are allowed to use either or both of these options.
  3. Reliability of Data: From Literature and Research the industry has said that over the long run the database values for ingredients tend to be more accurate since it relies on averages of data points.
  4. Both process can give different results — Remember the database relies on average nutritional content of ingredients vs lab analyzes the sample the one time it was made.  Samples can vary every time you send it to a Lab since there can be variations in the sample.  For database creation check the recipe to make sure the recipe has no mistakes and all the ingredients have the right amount added etc.
  5. Extensive data source to make recipe/formula creation easier and faster: Our team works with many different food sources around the world.  We have ingredient data from USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin/Central America and more.  We also have easy steps for users to add their own custom ingredients to the software that can be used in their recipes and labels.
I am not sure how to start I need my Food Labels fast!

No worries Nutritionist Pro can help.  We compile ingredient data from many regions and we have labels for many regions.  What you need to get started is this list.

  1. Make sure you know the yield of your recipe and your portion amount.  For example for your chicken pasta recipe perhaps it makes 3 ounce portion and has about 30 portions.
  2. Have your ingredients written out with weight or common household portions.  For example chicken 3 pounds, tomatoes 15 kilograms, 1 teaspoon of salt etc
  3. Now you are ready to build your recipe in Nutritionist Pro.  Go to our recipe section and start to enter your recipe data and build your recipe.
  4. Once you are done you can look at the nutrient profile and see how your recipe looks.
  5. To make your label go to our label section and pull your recipe into the label of your choice.
  6. Once you are done with the label you can save or print it as needed.
  1. We offer excellent videos on our webpages please visit our video library for details on each of these features.Remember using a software allows you to play with recipes, and modify it easily to see how the nutrient profile will change.   Please use all the resources offered and your label creation will become a snap.
I am looking for new FDA USA labels do you offer those?
  1. Yes, we do offer the new FDA US labels in both our desktop and online options
    1. Desktop – see pricing, try the demo, see label formats and more
    2. Online – See pricing, try the trial, see label options
      1. English only labels
      2. English and Spanish labels
      3. English and French labels
I need the older FDA US labels what are my options?

Yes, we also offer desktop option for older label designs, contact our team and we will send you an invoice for the older label designs.

I need to comply with USA Menu Labeling guidelines do you have any options for me?

Yes absolutely, the cheapest option is to purchase the USA Module we offer a Menu Labeling Report that has the 11 nutrients for compliance. If you would like to purchase the desktop option contact our team and will make sure you purchase the correct version for the desktop version.

If you already have the online version go to Reports section Pick Recipes and then look for the MLR report.

I am looking to meet the EU/UK 1169 guidelines do you have a product for me?

Yes absolutely. Our Europe UK online module will create food labels meeting 1169 compliance.  See EU/UK page for label styles, pricing, 3 day trial and more.

I sell my products in Canada can I use your software for Canada Food Label?

Yes absolutely. Our Canada online module will create food labels meeting Canada compliance.  See Canada page for label styles, pricing, 3 day trial and more.

I sell my products in China can I use your software for Chinese Food Label?

Yes absolutely. Our Chinese online module will create food labels meeting food label compliance.  See China/Hong Kong page for label styles, pricing, 3 day trial and more.

How big is your food database?

Our nutrition team is constantly updating and adding to our database. Currently we have over 82,000 foods in our database.  If there is something you would like us to add please contact us and send us info to sales@axxya.com.  We capture data from many different sources – direct from brand and from various government sources as well.

Training and Support

Do you offer any training?

Yes, we offer web training, a big video library and help documents as well. Please contact our team and we can help guide you with the best options.

What if I have an error in the application what do I do?

No worries our support team will be happy to assist our active clients with any issues. Simply make a ticket and they will contact you asap.  Remember highlight all the important things in your ticket such as — your correct contact details, company info, which product you are using — online vs desktop, and the details about the issue.

If you are a desktop user and don’t have an active account or it’s been a few years since you have upgraded, no worries contact our sales team and we can help upgrade your account.  We offer great pricing and discounts to our older clients to upgrade their accounts.  Once your account is upgraded our support team will then help you with your ticket.

Distributors and Partners

Do you work with any Distributors?

Yes, we do work with many distributors all over the world. We are always looking to add more distributors to work with.  If you would like to become a distributor contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

If you are a customer and need to purchase through a distributor let us know which region you are located in and we can help find one you can work with.

Can we partner with Axxya Systems?

We have many partners from different industries, and are always looking to work with great companies that complement our product line. Please connect with our team and we will be happy to discuss partnership opportunities.