Why Choose Us?

Easy to use and feature packed applications for everyone. Whether you are someone with just one product or just starting a nutrition practice, or have large teams,  Nutritionist Pro™ is ready to deliver solutions for your nutrition requirements. Since 1982, the Nutritionist Pro™ family of products have helped more than a million in over 100 countries. We have reached an international consumer base ranging from nutritionists, chefs, hospitals and universities, to food manufacturers and more.

When you choose Nutritionist Pro™ by Axxya, you’re choosing more than a computer program, a personal experience brought to life by a passion for nutrition, a purpose for health, and a legacy that will continue to shine for many years to come. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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Our Mission

At Axxya Systems we endeavor to offer our clients worldwide the most comprehensive nutrient analysis tools.

Our team of Dietitians work constantly to make sure we meet industry standards and that our application and IT team understand the importance of nutrition guidelines.

Core Values

  • Create cutting edge nutrient analysis tools.
  • Listen to our clients and create products that meet their needs.
  • Stay on top of industry changes & swiftly incorporate them into our tools.
  • Continue to offer excellent customer service.
  • Continue to lead the industry with our Nutritionist Pro™ Product line.

Our Vision

We aim to provide our clients nutrient feature packed software without compromises.  We strive to offer the most unsurpassed customer service in the industry, all while giving you the attention you need to set your business, restaurant, market, school or healthcare facility up for success with the most comprehensive nutritional data and analysis.

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Our History

In 1982, Ms. Lorie North, a dietitian in Oregon, USA had a goal to make it easier to calculate nutrition information rather than to use the cumbersome paper and pencil methods.  Ms. North launched one of the first nutrition software tools to help simplify the calculating of nutrition information.  Since then the Nutritionist Pro™ family of products has continued the tradition of offering sound, valuable, cutting edge technology to clients around the world.

Today, our global teams, resposible for Nutritionist Pro™,  are still led by a registered dietitian,  Ms. Shazia Nathoo, CEO, RDN.  The teams are comprised of registered dietitians, nutritionists, and experts in the field of health, wellness and technology. Each with their own passion to bring food education, science and technology into their work and in developing Nutritionist Pro™.

We strive to fill the needs in nutrition technology by interacting with our user base to receive timely feedback and make changes accordingly.

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Nutritionist Pro™ & NutriDIET Pro

Present day Nutritionist Pro™

What Clients Say About Our Nutrition Products

The Nutritionist Pro database met the needs of my graduate students that were assigned to evaluate their 3-day food records in the context of their vegetarian and ethnically diverse meal patterns

Michelle Wien, DrPH, RD, CDE
Loma Linda University

The dietitians on the Weight Watchers® team find Nutritionist Pro to be a comprehensive, user-friendly software that provides an excellent tool to analyze thousands of recipes and menus.

Stephanie Shoemer, RD,
Weight Watchers®

I have been a Nutritionist Pro user for many years and have been very satisfied. The program is easy to use, it has a large database of foods and the analysis contains many nutrients. Their customer service and technical support is great and they continue to provide excellent updates to the program.

Anne Boney, MEd, RD, LDN.
Duke University Medical Center

Nutritionist Pro has enabled me to enhance client sessions as well as analyze recipes. It’s easy to use, has a comprehensive database and provides great information.

Joy Bauer, MS, RD, CDN

As an organization that distributes over 51 million pounds of healthy food annually to those in need, we also strive to promote nutrition education. We provide meal programs and food pantries with a variety of recipes to prepare onsite or share with clients, using Nutritionist Pro has enabled us to conduct nutrition analysis and create Nutrition Facts Labels with ease. It is also very easy to create, analyze, and update multi-day menus for meal program service as well. Nutritionist Pro is helping The Greater Boston Food Bank to promote healthy lives and healthy communities in the work we do.

Kendra Bird, RD, LDN,
Director of Distribution Services & Nutrition
Greater Boston Food Bank