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6 Benefits Of Using Nutrition Software for your Business - Nutritionistpro

Six Benefits Of Using Nutrition Software For Your Business

The awareness to lead a healthy life is on the increase nowadays due to the progressive rise in the number of people with non-communicable diseases. This trend has been linked to increasing industrialization with the upsurge in the production of processed foods rich in sugar and fats. Nutrition education on portion sizes, nutrition profiling, and…

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Nutrient Label Claims

What are Nutrient Content Claims on food labels?

Some examples of nutrient content claims are sugar-free, lean, light, and many other terms. Some Nutrient claims are about the content of certain nutrients and may state that the product is low in fat or a good source of calcium. The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) requires that nutrient content on food is based…

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English to Spanish Label Generator

Change the Language of Your Food Label with Nutritionist Pro™

As a food manufacturer, your food and beverage labels reflect each product’s nutrition profile. With Nutritionist Pro™, you can have FDA nutrition labels in both English and Spanish. In this blog post, we’ll discuss who Nutritionist Pro™ is for, why it’s important to connect with your multi-lingual consumer base, and how Nutritionist Pro™ makes it…

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New Nutrition Facts Panel

How Does The New Nutrition Facts Panel Help Consumers Make Informed Choices?

Do you count calories or shudder at the serving size whenever you finish off a pint of ice cream? Then, you may be glad to see the inclusions on the new nutrition facts panel. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the nutrition facts label a bit of a makeover to reflect updated…

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Nutrition Label Template

Quick and Easy Solution to Get Nutrition Facts Labels for Food Products

Do you know that many pre packed food products need a nutrition facts label?  In some cases, you can apply for an exemption, provided certain criteria are met.  In those cases nutrition labeling might not be needed.  Most food businesses are required to have nutrition labels on their pre packed food products.  The Food Standards…

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Nutrition Facts Label

Looking for an Easy Way to Create Nutrition Facts Label for Your Food Business Needs?

Are you wondering how to create a nutrition label for your food product? There are two methods available to produce a nutrition facts label. They are either laboratory analysis or data-based software analysis.  Most foods can qualify for data-based software analysis, which is what we are going to discuss here. The turnaround time for a…

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Brother Printer

Dual Convenience of Food Label Creation and Printing: Print Food Labels Using Portable Brother Printers

Imagine a scenario where you need to print food labels, or print easy-to-peel label stickers quickly to supply your packaged food products to the market the next morning or in a very short run! Will you be able to go to a printing store or to a professional to get all those food labels printed?…

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Labels for Packaging Food Product

Create Labels for Packaged Food Products Like a Pro

Do you spend endless hours calculating food nutrition values, perfecting your recipe, and styling food label formats by hand? Struggle to comply with the food labeling guidelines? Did you try both the laboratory testing and professional help methods but were frustrated with the time and resource consumption of the entire process? No worries! A self-service…

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Hong Kong Food Label Generation Tool

Solution for Quick Labelling of Prepackaged Food Items for Hong Kong Market

Are your prepacked food products available to the Hong Kong market? How do you create compliant food labels? If you’re not using a food nutrition labelling tool, then you are probably spending a lot of time and resources calculating food nutrition, customizing food labels, creating food authority-compliant labels, and printing them in a format of…

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Nutrition Label Maker

Tips to Save You From Misleading Health Claims on Food Labels

Reading food nutrition labels is often tricky. Some labels can be confusing and may convince people to buy highly processed and unhealthy products. But consumers are much more health-conscious than ever, which is why they want to understand the nutrition contents of the food items they wish to purchase. Nutrition labels can help make healthier…

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Food Labeling Software

Axxya Systems Released Version7.9 of Nutritionist Pro™ Food Labeling Module!

Food manufacturers are happy to find ready-to-use food ingredients on a food nutrient analysis and labeling system. It enables them to produce retail-ready nutrition labels in minutes! Are you one of them who is also looking for such a system with a large food ingredient database? Looking for a system which can offer drag-and-drop functionality,…

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Chinese Food Labeling

Chinese Food Labeling Simplified By Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen Online Application

When it comes to the food industry, technology isn’t the first thing which comes to mind. But, these days, technology is an integral part of the food industry, from being a part of food production, to food nutrient analysis and food labeling, among many others.  You can find how easily and quickly food manufacturers are…

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Are You Ready To Make Your Nutrition Facts Labels Effortlessly?

Food labels are crucial, no matter if you need them for your own food products and marketing or want to make an informed choice of a food you want to consume. Labeling food products with accurate nutrient information is a top priority for food manufacturers, so that they may meet the food regulatory guidelines on…

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Nutrition Facts Maker

The Next Big Thing in Preparing You For the New Nutrition Facts Panel

With a separate added sugar listing and other changes, the new nutrition facts panel requires some work by food manufacturers to become compliant. The standard nutrition facts panel, which has been around for several years, has gotten changes in all the basic information: serving size, daily percentage value, the addition of new nutrients and design…

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Best Nutrition Labels

Top 4 Benefits of Using the Best Food Nutrition Labels Creation Software

A competitive business environment exists today. The businesses which use advanced technologies are able to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Food businesses need to have real time inventory, be quick to market, and produce professional labeling solutions. With the right labeling solution, businesses can remain competitive and experience a myriad of benefits – including…

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