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The food industry in the US is worth a staggering $1.5 trillion. And it’s not just from things like restaurants and cafes that work directly with food. There are thousands of ancillary businesses that work within the wider scope of food. These include dieticians, personal trainers, researchers, and web developers.

At Nutritionist Pro, we believe that automation through software for restaurants and other businesses is the future of the food industry. You might not be so convinced just yet, or maybe you haven’t even considered this advancement.

Pick your industry from this article and we’ll tell you how our software can improve your business. We can even make your work more manageable, and maybe even improve your profits. 
Let’s take a look. 

Food Manufacturing

If you’re in the food manufacturing business, then you’ll be fully aware of all the various areas of compliance that you have to keep on top of. One of the most pressing of these is labeling your food products showing the nutritional values of everything in the packet. 

You have a responsibility to provide your customers with precise and clear nutritional information about your product. That’s where both our nutrition facts label calculator and our fantastic label maker come into play. 

Our label maker has built-in compliance to produce ready-to-go labels for use in a number of different countries and regions. Our software currently has in-built compliance for:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • The EU
  • China
  • Hong Kong

Pick the design that works best for you, we can produce labels in horizontal, vertical or aggregate. Operating in a country with more than one widely spoken language? Not a problem, we can easily produce bilingual labels for you. 

Our food labeling services help save you time and money. This is because our nutrition analysis software automatically calculates the nutritional value of your food products in super quick time. 

Food Service

Food service businesses like restaurants and cafes need to save themselves as much time as they can where possible. It is a hectic and intense industry and any time saved is extra money made. When you switch to using an automated system for things like menu labeling and recipe creation, you’re cutting the chances of expensive mistakes being made through human error. 

Our recipe and nutrition software is perfect for many different types of businesses in the food service industry. We cater to businesses like restaurants, bakeries, small cafes, universities, schools, and hospitals, no matter what they need. 

Our software for restaurants can do three things for your business. First, we can calculate the nutritional value of all the dishes on your menu. Our second restaurant software feature is our excellent cycle menus. We can create menus either weekly or monthly, whatever your business needs. Finally, we can help you label your menus with things like calorie counts. 

You’ll no longer need to scramble to find information about your food. You’ll also never have to pay and wait for expensive lab results.

Complying with these regulations can be stressful and time-consuming for business owners. Let us handle it for you and take the weight off your shoulders. 


Nutrient tracking and meal planning are two of the most laborious and time-consuming tasks you can undertake. But fret not, we can help you simplify that process in a heartbeat. Using our meal-planning software, you can improve your patient’s eating habits and diets by combining the tasks of customized meal plans and nutritional analysis in one place.  

We offer the best meal-planning software currently available for dieticians and healthcare professionals. Our pre-made templates can help you quickly and easily create nutritionally accurate meal plans for whatever your patients need.

Enhanced Efficiency

Our Diet Analysis Module provides dietary professionals with a simple and effective interface. This interface helps dieticians track the nutritional content of various recipes and meals. Unlike other dietary software, ours can accurately track and save nutrient values from a wide range of international cuisines.

As a dietician, it’s part of your job to ensure that your meal plans are tailored exactly to your client’s needs. Our software is the only one on the market that can help you do that with minimal time and effort needed. 

We Work With Hospitals Too

Our software isn’t just great for dieticians and nutritionists. Medical facilities that use hospital nutrition software can make amendments to patient diets. They can also use it to keep track of their exercise and make precise nutrient assessments. 

Hospital cafeterias and nursing homes also need to keep their menus fresh and healthy. They can do this and increase their operational efficiency when they use our cycle menus. 

Professors in the Classroom

Our software isn’t only useful for people that are working in the food or dietary industries. It is also fantastic for people learning to enter those industries, not to mention professors who are preparing their students for a career in food.

Nutrition analysis software helps students to enhance their career prospects by teaching them the basics of food nutrition analysis and meal planning. Your students can use our software to learn how to create balanced meal plans and understand how nutrition works.

Beyond this, your students will also learn how to tailor their dietary advice and meal plans to meet specific client needs. It’s all well and good knowing how to piece together a simple meal plan that works for everyone, but your students need to know how they can personalize their meal plans to help clients achieve their personal goals. 

Our software isn’t just great for dietary classrooms though. Teachers and professors at culinary schools or teaching culinary-based degrees can also use our software to help teach their students how to create menus, how to build dishes, how to label their menus, and how to track the nutritional content of the dishes that they’re creating. 

Solo Students

College isn’t all about the classroom. Students who aspire to become dieticians need to spend their solo time learning how food affects the body. Food science can be a complex and dense field of study. There huge textbooks trying to feed them massive chunks of information at a time.

The most effective way for many students to take this crucial information on board is by seeing it in action. Our software allows them to do this. They can spend their own time feeding meal plans and recipes into the software and seeing how the nutritional information is broken down and displayed.

Signing up for Nutritionist Pro isn’t just about learning though. Students aren’t always well-known for maintaining the healthiest and most balanced diets in the world. Signing up to use our software can help students create exciting and healthy meal plans. These meal plans can keep them eating right the whole way through their studies. 

Did we mention that students can get a discount on our software? That’s right, get professional dietary advice and meal planning at cheaper student rates. We want to help you through your course.


Research nutritionists use extensive databases of nutritional data when studying the relationship between diet and ill health. Healthcare professionals and dieticians take this research and use it to try and advance treatment options for a wide range of conditions in which diet plays a role. 

To aid research companies in their work, our software gives researchers the ability to search for foods that fall under certain nutrient criteria. Our software can return results on over 150 different nutrients and the foods they can be found in. Your researchers can use these results to try and spot data patterns that lead to breakthroughs in dietary treatments. 

Research Study Planning

Thanks to our client or group client features, you can record information from an unlimited number of clients while you’re carrying out your research. Our user-friendly interface generates detailed reports for each client.

Our pioneering research software for nutritional information then tracks macronutrients, vitamin deficiencies, and any other telltale signs that are present in each client’s results. 

Recognize Patterns

Researchers also have the benefit of accessing our food frequency questionnaire. You can use the questionnaire to identify important nutrition research trends as they evolve over time.

Using detailed records that track how data was gathered and when it was collected from each participant, you can simplify the transition between data collection and analysis. 

You can use this data to try and recognize nutritional trends. Trends that healthcare professionals can use to treat dietary conditions. All of this information is crucial in helping establish current dietary guidelines. It also helps treat illnesses that can be prevented by a change in diet for a specific patient or client. 

Fitness and Wellness

Clients in the fitness industry don’t want to just focus on fitness and nutrition. They know that their general wellness matters as well. After all, they’re trying to improve their physical well-being and appearance. 

Clients want food that tastes nice and can help them achieve whatever their weight loss goals are. The problem for personal trainers and fitness instructors is that meal planning for lots of different clients at once can be exceptionally time-consuming. Using our industry-leading meal planning software can help cut that time down. Let’s get you back to focusing on leading exercise sessions with your clients.

Most clients don’t tend to have an in-depth knowledge of how foods affect and are processed by the body. They might have some vague idea of what they think is healthy and good to eat. But more often than not, they’ll have no true nutritional knowledge of what they’re eating. That’s why they’ve come to see you. 

Using our built-in nutritional analysis module, you can show your clients the types of foods they should be eating. You can also show them the kind of macronutrients that they should be targeting to achieve their goals. 

Web Developers

Our software isn’t only helpful for businesses that work directly with food or clients who want to be informed about food. The modern food industry is ever-changing. It has been adopting new technologies and apps to help people all over the world understand food better. 

Consumers want to find websites and apps that can help them make better food decisions. In order to provide that, web developers need access to a wide array of data to help them develop these apps and websites for users. Thanks to Nutritionist Pro’s huge stock of available data, they can do this. 

Our Raw Data Nutrient database is a detailed and varied database of food products, ingredients, and nutritional content information for international cuisines.

Our databases can help provide web developers with all the information they need to fully develop their websites and apps. We’re sure that anyone trying to develop a food-based app or website will find value in our collection of data that we have been compiling since 1982. 

The Very Best Software for Restaurants and Other Professionals

As you can see, Nutritionist Pro can help provide nutritional software for restaurants. But it can also help cafes, hospitals, dieticians, physicians, teachers, students, and personal trainers. Anybody that works with food and needs to dive deeper into understanding the food they are working with.

We’ve been going strong since 1982. Our trail-blazing software can help anyone deepen their relationship with food. If you want to improve your efficiency and take your business to the next level, then sign up today for a free trial.