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With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading like wildfire in early 2020, many restaurants and other food service providers quickly pivoted their business strategies. Suddenly, the world had to adjust to increased regulations regarding closed dining rooms and social distancing policies. 

While the effects of COVID-19 haven’t gone away completely, life is no longer as chaotic as it was in 2020. Here in 2022, food service workers can use their pandemic experiences in a positive way. The ongoing uncertainty regarding the pandemic has ignited creativity and innovation while shedding a new light on nutrition and personal health like never before.

Nutritious food remains vital to every aspect of our lives. Eating proper portions of the right foods keeps us healthy and helps to reach our full potential (physically as well as mentally). There’s a reason you often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In addition to being a fantastic marketing statement, this phrase reminds us that eating a healthy morning meal can wake up our brains and give us energy for the rest of the day. The food and beverage industry has a critical responsibility to educate consumers about the nutritional value of the foods they provide.

Since 1982, Nutritionist Pro has served as a staple in the nutrition and food industries. Our recipe nutrition software is the most comprehensive and modern solution to help the food service industry with dietary reporting and analysis, labeling, and menu and meal planning.

If you’re a food service professional of any kind, Nutritionist Pro is the best nutrition and professional recipe software available on the market today. Read on to learn more about how we can help your business.

Stay in Compliance

Running a restaurant isn’t always easy. Any food service provider must completely control their products’ composition while meeting stringent standards in line with current laws. Nutritionist Pro tools meet nutritional guidelines in the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, China, and Hong Kong.

Beyond the legal component, recipes reside at the center of food production and have a sensitive nature. Even the most minute changes in ingredient and food composition can negatively impact taste and quality.

Nutritionist Pro recipe nutrition software and ingredient label maker tools offer users ease and efficacy when looking for reports and data related to an extensive product variety. You can easily label allergens, nutritional values, and ingredients. No matter the capacity you serve in the food industry, our software tools enable you to provide staff and customers with the data they need.

Another significant benefit of Nutritionist Pro is that our ingredient label maker tool creates labels in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and more. With a sizable multilingual population in the United States, Nutritionist Pro is definitely beneficial. Multilingual labeling allows food service producers to provide nutritional and ingredient data to customers and business partners in other countries.

Reproduce High-Quality Standards

Any successful food service entity works hard to achieve consistent quality in its production. In most cases, achieving this high-quality consistency requires broad access to research data and recipe information.

Cohesive recipes and nutritional information enable food service companies and restaurants to follow strictly defined procedures and accomplish standardized, consistent final productions.

Professional recipe software from Nutritionist Pro offers users a robust, worldwide food and ingredient database. Sound complicated? It’s easier than you may think. This flexible recipe nutrition software helps users quickly create and edit ingredient listings, easily adding any ingredient and nutritional information needed for a recipe.

Nutritionist Pro tools feature an easy-to-use interface for recipe editing and creation. Any food service worker or restauranteur can simply edit, copy, replicate, and share recipes with an instantaneous nutrient breakdown for custom adjustments.

Finally, our nutrition software easily scales recipes in food production with updated nutrient values. Simply scale a recipe based on the serving size or number of servings and you can visualize the different yields.

Create an Optimized, Ideal Menu for Your Business

Menus list food and beverage offerings at any food establishment, helping the business cater to customer demands while displaying how workers prepare dishes, ingredients, and pricing. Well-designed menus can do much more than simply state what each item is. The best menu designs help a food service provider price effectively while attracting and influencing customers. Menus provide a glimpse into food provisions, enticing customers to choose the company for their food and nutritional needs.

It is exceedingly important to provide customers with healthy, nutritious options. A software helps to quickly calculate the calories, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in recipes.

Menu planning remains crucial for any food industry business and can often reflect a company’s core identity as the introductory outlet to communicate with customers concerning food and service offerings.

Nutritionist Pro restaurant menu software helps food service workers to evaluate dishes with live nutritional data while analyzing the quality and maintaining safety standards. The restaurant menu software scaling features also help ensure that a provider doesn’t make too much or too little, helping to minimize unnecessary costs via work hours and wastage.

Nutritionist Pro is ideal for food service in restaurants, healthcare facilities, medical patients, schools, etc., offering useful cycle menu creation features. The intricate but easy-to-use menu wizard allows users to cut and paste to add and subtract food options, provide food intake analysis, set nutrition goals, and create diet records.

Try Recipe Nutrition Software for Yourself

Recipe nutrition software can help food service workers with numerous things to help them to improve their work no matter their position in the industry. From creating, standardizing and sharing recipes to maintaining accurate, standards-met inventory, Nutritionist Pro is a comprehensive solution.

We take pride in the Nutritionist Pro’s simple and efficient design, featuring everything you need to implement high-quality processes and meet standards while gathering and sharing all applicable nutritional data.

From humble beginnings in 1982, Nutritionist Pro and our product family have effectively helped over a million clients from over 100 countries. Our international customer base ranges from chefs and nutritionists to hospitals, universities, food manufacturers, and more.

You gain more than a computer program with Nutritionist Pro recipe nutrition software. Our solutions are a partner in any food service company’s journey to offer the very best in provisions and nutritional information that fills the void in today’s nutrition technology. We bring a personal experience to life with a personalized solution and a passion for nutritional health.

Contact our dedicated and friendly team today for more information on how Nutritionist Pro can help you in the food service industry and about our software benefits.