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Solutions For The Food Service Industry

Nutritionist Pro™ is The Solution

With all the benefits and product features, Nutritionist Pro™ will make your life a lot easier.

Food Service Professionals Love --

Seeing nutrient values of recipes and menus.

Menu Labeling Compliance

See nutrient breakdown of menus, recipes and compare against set goals.

Key Features of Nutritionist Pro™

food service software

Great Features For Recipe Nutrient Analysis

Hit The Ground Running When You Try Out Nutritionist Pro™

Step-By-Step Screens For Quick Creation

Follow a few screens and you can create your recipe quickly and easily.

See Nutrient Values Based On Guidelines Around The World

Each recipe can be compared against nutrient guidelines from many regions.

Easy-To-Use For Simple Or Complex Recipes

Create a simple recipe with few ingredients to more complicated recipes with many sub-recipes. Generate ingredient statements with photos.

Easy To Use And Create Menus

Affordable, Easy-to-use And Low Training Needs Makes It Quicker To Implement For Your Company.

Easy To Use Wizards

Easy to use wizards make recipe and menu creation fast and efficient.

Large Or Small Menus

Wizards, copy and paste features help create menus faster.

Affordable Pricing

Many plans are available to meet your budget and/or project needs. Plans include unlimited nutrient analysis and recipe/menu creation.

Compare Against Set Goals

Print Nutrition Labels Globally

Print, Extract Reports

Share reports with your team and clients.

Recipe Analysis

Analyze and see nutrient breakdown of unlimited recipes.

Used In Over 100 Countries

Nutritionist Pro™ has been helping the Food Service industry since the 1980's.

food service software

Work Better With Nutritionist Pro™

Grow Your Business Regionally And Globally

Easily Comply With Nutrient Guidlines

Built in algorithms make it easier to comply with nutrient guidelines around the world.

Access From Anywhere And Any Device

Our online application makes working with your team or vendors across the world much faster and more efficient.

Calculate nutrient values for simple or complex recipes

A feature many other label makers can’t match.

Cycle Menus

Great for School, Hospitals, Meals On Wheels And More.

Extensive Database

Foods from around the world makes menu creation faster.

Reports With Nutrient Breakdown

Print, or extract reports with detail nutrient profile.

Menu Wizard

Wizard features for faster menu creation.

Menu Labeling Compliance

Meet Compliance And Display Calories

Vending Industry

See nutrient profile and display data on Vending Machines.

Restaurant Menus

Calculate Calories and other nutrients for your recipe.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provide your customers with healthy options and help them stay on track.

Recommended Module For Food Services

Menu Creation or Food Labeling

See our compare chart for exact features between these 2 modules.  Chat with us if you are not sure what is the right fit for your business.

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Take The Next Step:

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