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Personal trainers looking for meal planning software need a list of features to help them manage their business. With someone’s health on the line, you’ll want the best of the best. Equip yourself with the right tools to create a complete meal and exercise plan for your clients by using a Diet Analysis Module to handle the calculations and meal planning and make the whole process faster. Nutrition software is necessary for managing and monitoring multiple clients and staying organized. It allows you to check up on them with client-submitted nutritional reports and makes planning client meals a smooth and easy process that only takes a few minutes.

Nutrition software for personal trainers juggles multiple clients effortlessly. Set each client’s nutrient goals using the latest dietary guidelines, and compare their goals to calculate calorie needs and track weight. This progress depends on caloric intake and caloric expenditure based on the client’s food intake and the assigned exercise set.

Find out what works for your clients by working in tandem with their lifestyles. A meal plan should change based on what’s not working and how they feel. Each meal plan should evolve to fit their nutritional needs. Businesses that use nutrition software for personal trainers have everything in one place so multiple trainers can help their clients.

Optimize Every Meal Plan For Your Clients

An excellent nutrition software for personal trainers creates realistic plans that help clients stick to their goals. When meal planning is left to chance, instead of using meal planning software, personal trainers see slip-ups when their clients go grocery shopping. A good meal plan teaches clients how to put together delicious meals and the appropriate portion size.

Nutrient intake is crucial for athletes, and even though creating client meal plans can be daunting, an efficient meal plan keeps them on track. Built-in Food Frequency Questionnaire features track 24-hour, or three-day diet recalls so that personal trainers can make diet recommendations and talk to their clients at length about what works and what doesn’t.

Athlete Energy Requirements

The average person requires 2,000 calories daily to maintain weight, but a regularly active person demands more energy. Athletes also need a combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from a well-balanced diet. Since the macronutrient breakdown differs depending on your client’s needs, keeping track of this client-to-client is essential.

For instance, endurance athletes who try a low-carbohydrate diet will be at a higher risk of exhaustion which impairs performance. An athlete on a low-carb diet has less glucose available, so switching athletes to a high-carbohydrate diet that matches their needs can improve performance and ensure they don’t become deficient in nutrients.

Since popular fad diets can appeal to athletes with their promises, it’s crucial to understand their premise, pros, and cons. For instance, an athlete who follows a raw food diet will face the pitfalls of how difficult meal preparation can be and how hard a raw food diet is to follow.

It can be more challenging for athletes to get needed nutrients if they have a health concern. Athletes and clients might follow gluten-free diets or heart-healthy diets for specific health needs–for instance, someone with celiac disease will need to eliminate gluten from their diet and still need alternative carbohydrate sources.

Most fad diets promise weight loss, improved health, and other milestones that can be difficult to reach. The only proven way to help clients lose weight through food goals is to tailor a diet to meet their lifestyle. Using meal plan software for personal trainers is a great way to help them do that. An easy, accessible meal planning software that tracks macronutrients and can customize menus like Nutritionist Pro™ can help boost client retention as they see results based on nutrient data. Making goals approachable, manageable, and easy to track is the best way to keep clients on track.

Easy To Use Recipe Interface

All this information is stored in an easy-to-access interface that can serve as your client’s single point of reference. Thanks to the Client’s Diet Record, Nutritionist Pro™ tracks vital macronutrients and vitamin intake that personal trainers can reference to reduce the risk of malnutrition and keep their clients healthy. Nutrient tracking software for fitness professionals minimizes the need for hand calculations that soak up time.

Our meal plan software for personal trainers auto-calculates values based on the Nutrition Raw Database. Registered dieticians have continually updated this expansive database to bring personal trainers up to date with nutrition data. The latest DRI nutrient goals are accessible to compare against personalized menus.

Take your client’s guesswork out with a quality meal planning software that gives you an easy printable readout of meal plans and recipes. Build your own or use built-in menus with popular options, like High Protein and Heart Healthy.

With grocery lists tailored to their preferences, it will be easier to keep them on track for weight gain or loss. With the ability to save unlimited recipes, each recipe you craft will be accessible in the Nutritionist Pro™ meal planning software for future reference.

Nutritionist Pro™ Features

Nutritionist Pro™ is a fantastic nutrition software for personal trainers. It includes features such as:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive international recipes and food ingredients for meal planning
  • Food nutrient tracking and nutrient goals
  • Pre-made meal plan templates for health categories: Heart Healthy, Diabetic Friendly, and more.
  • Weight projections that allow you to see when your client will meet their nutrition and fitness goals.
  • Add unlimited client profiles, customized recipes, and meal plans.

Long-Term Goals And Long-Term Results

Any weight-loss diets might work for your clients in the short term. Still, only good meal planning software for fitness professionals tracks comprehensive results over a long period without worrying that information will get lost or misconstrued. Creating a meal plan without the right tools can be a frustrating experience. Nutritionist Pro™ nutrition software for personal trainers stores everything from meal planning to weight tracking in one easy-to-access place.

Work with your clients to pinpoint needs and goals that are realistic and sustainable. Different ages, genders, and activity levels have other macronutrients and hydration needs. Customize, change, and tailor menus to your client’s specifics to meet these needs. Personal trainers who work in tandem with their athletes and keep an eye on their progress ensure they get optimal nutrition support that matches their requirements.