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Cycle Menu Creation
Cycle menus are most often used in food service operations that serve the same group of customers every day, such as healthcare facilities, schools, restaurants, etc. Cycle menus follow a particular pattern designed to meet the customer needs and repeat on a regular basis. Why a Cycle Menu? Help reduce plate waste Reduce food costs Helps plan seasonal meals for the spring, summer, and fall/winter (featuring local foods with cultural flavors) Produce standardized recipes Cut
Nutrition Food Label Maker Application
As millions of people navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, they are rushing to grocery stores to stock up on important food items. But, before they drop those boxes of cereal or bread into the shopping carts, they pay extra attention to the food facts labels on those boxes to ensure the foods are fresh and contain essential nutrients to improve their immunity. For food manufacturers, adding and creating a nutrition label for processed or packaged food
Diet Analysis Program
Do you spend countless hours designing personalized diet plans for your clients? Do you need to provide diet plans faster for demanding clients with ethnic taste preferences? We can help with your day-to-day professional challenges by providing solutions to those requirements quickly and efficiently. Most healthcare professionals nowadays prefer to use nutrition software with a diet analysis program to deliver diet plans efficiently, and quickly to clients. Nutrition Software – a leverage for healthcare professionals
Menu Labeling Guidelines
Menu labeling is subject to complex guidelines, which tend to contrast from one country to another. For instance, in the US, food service providers and restaurants must comply with the Nutritional Facts Label guidelines of the FDA. This is challenging for service providers and restaurants to stay up-to-date with Menu and Vending Machine Labeling guidelines and ensure that their food items are compliant. Menu boards or vending machines that do not comply with the current