Quick Guide to help select a tool for Menu Labeling
Menu Labeling Guidelines

Menu labeling is subject to complex guidelines, which tend to contrast from one country to another. For instance, in the US, food service providers and restaurants must comply with the Nutritional Facts Label guidelines of the FDA.

This is challenging for service providers and restaurants to stay up-to-date with Menu and Vending Machine Labeling guidelines and ensure that their food items are compliant. Menu boards or vending machines that do not comply with the current guidelines may be both costly and damaging to a  food service provider or restaurant and it’s brand image.

Food service providers and restaurants are always challenged to remain in menu labeling guidelines compliance. For this, they have to stay updated, gather necessary information, and ensure that all their menu and vending food items comply with the food regulatory guidelines.

It is easy to understand that having to comply with the menu labeling guidelines is challenging and cumbersome. And, performing this chore manually can be nerve wrecking.

What is the alternative to menu labeling done manually?

Food service providers and restaurants may instead explore menu labeling applications to create FDA compliant menu boards quickly and efficiently, in unlimited numbers. Such an application also offers the ability to add custom ingredients to create recipes and meal items as required.

Automation is a boon for menu labeling, because labeling is just the end result. To get to the end, several other jobs are involved and numerous important parameters need to be factored in and controlled, such as product specs from suppliers for nutritional values, raw materials, list of ingredients, etc. Next, complying with the regulatory authority guidelines, and creating reports with nutrition profiles for menu items. The list of tasks may be daunting but an efficient menu labeling application can successfully help ease the workload.

Is there an application which is recommended for menu labeling?

This marketplace is brimming with hundreds of such applications. One should choose an application which enables the business to structure specifications and information in a consistent and quick way. All the more, the application should have the capability to generate menu reports according to regulations.

One such software is Nutritionist Pro™ available as an online application. The software creates reports for menu labeling requirements.

Benefits of using Nutritionist Pro™:

  • Fast and easy menu
  • Large Database of USDA Standard Reference data makes it easier to use USA ingredients to build your menus. Many other countries’ ingredients and standard data reference also included.
  • Use for test products and show how nutrient profiles can change with modifications.
  • Built-in Nutrient Content Claims.
  • Easy to use menu labeling report.
  • Easy access from smart devices and computers.


Nutritionist Pro™ allows food service providers and restaurants to automatically calculate and generate nutritional values of a food. The application calculates nutritional profile of each recipe, and reports are created to meet the Menu and Vending labeling guidelines.  To learn more about the benefits of Nutritionist Pro™, visit: www.nutritionistpro.com/food-service/ for additional details and for questions, please email: sales@axxya.com