How We Can Help With Your Nutrition Research

Nutrition is a complex science. The more scientists and researchers learn about human nutrition, the more complicated it becomes. The truth may emerge from various studies with equally numerous methods.

The truth is that no matter the amount of nutrition research questions or food frequency questionnaires, nutritional data remains shrouded in multiple perplexities. Conducting and interpreting nutrition research data involves numerous variables, including nutrient content in foods, a subject’s dietary patterns, and the approach used to collect and analyze data.

Individuals and organizations may collect nutrition research to investigate diet in helping patients manage health conditions or how specific diet and nutritional modifications can improve health, manage weight, etc.

These studies are challenging in many cases because they involve an expert assessing or intervening in a patient’s lifestyle or habits. Dieticians and nutritionists will also rely on patient interpretations or attestations concerning their practices and lifestyle choices.

Furthermore, recording and interpreting this data is a significant undertaking, requiring considerable time and labor. Nonetheless, even if it is hard work, understanding the foods that benefit or detriment our health is essential. A nutrition research software like Nutritionist Pro can represent the ideal tool for your research needs.

Conducting Nutritional Research

Nutrition researchers must examine complex relationships between foods humans consume and nutritional results, including disease in individuals and communities. One of the most complicated components of nutritional research is developing a reliable research study.

The basic steps to form a research study include developing the initial research question, like what we can find in the Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ). Researchers create this question to establish and outline the methodology related to the inquiry they want to answer. Once they develop the research question, experts can begin researching and analyzing their findings.

Methodology concerning nutritional research is complex and involves massive amounts of varied data due to inconsistencies in testing and variances in individual diets (and, therefore, results). Researchers must expend considerable time and effort to perform these tasks manually.

However, nutrition research and diet analysis software like Nutritionist Pro can expedite the process while alleviating some common pitfalls concerning manual processing. This analysis tool works to streamline nutritional research data processing from collection to storage and evaluation.

How Nutrition Research Software Helps with Studies

Food is complicated, and nutrition researchers must maintain awareness of and account for various food-related issues that can arise while collecting and analyzing research data.

Nutrition research software helps to expedite data collection, interpretation, and reporting, saving experts time and effort through automated participant information importing and calculation. With Nutritionist Pro diet analysis software, researchers can quickly and easily generate evidence-based reports for almost any nutrition research question.

The best dieticians and nutritionists formulate their programs utilizing data-driven nutrition software like Nutritionist Pro. These tools enable experts to calculate nutritional values while obtaining the evidence-based information they need to meet their client’s demands with efficacy.

Traditionally, analyzing data and changing or recommending information modifications meant researchers searching through hard copy nutritional information. Today, these same experts can improve and automate time-consuming analyses with an efficient, reliable process.

Nutritional software calculates the dietary intake for an individual or group for one meal per day, meals for one week or longer. Researchers can additionally use Nutritionist Pro to calculate the comprehensive nutrient content within recipes while converting units and quantities based on locations worldwide.

Analyze an entire menu, and enter the days needed, including courses and menu options. Nutritionist Pro allows researchers to compare results to the required standards with an entirely customizable toolset.

Finally, nutrition research software provides a robust international food and ingredient database to ensure any research study receives complete accuracy. Researchers can add ingredients and recipes as necessary when they cannot find listings within the nutritional database.

Choose Nutritionist Pro

A cursory search engine query will find numerous nutritional analysis tools. Nutritionist Pro is a leader in the nutrition industry, designed, developed, and overseen by nutrition specialists and dieticians. Our product family has assisted over a million individuals in over 100 countries, ranging from nutritionists and food service providers to healthcare providers and universities.

What is the Food Frequency Questionnaire?

Nutritionist Pro’s data analysis and Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) helps researchers track when and how they collected data for research participants. Experts can implement a Diet Record for 24-hour or 3-day records or utilize the FFQ to observe eating patterns.

The FFQ outlines a food set to analyze a participant’s intake over a pre-specified period. Upon entering FFQ data into the software, researchers can compare their analysis against set nutrient goals. Moreover, an expert can observe built-in reports to track participant eating and what further information they need to follow to progress a study.

Nutritionist Pro enables you to select from over 100 goals for your population, personalizing these goals specific to your study. Once you complete your study’s data-gathering phase, you can utilize excel extraction tools that automate compiling and preparing raw data in an easy-to-understand format for further analysis.

With Nutritionist Pro, your research study can form reports and extract data based on your needed information. Choose from diets, recipes, menus, Food Frequency Questionnaires, and more, and the system will pull the information into excel.

Nutrition Research Continues To Evolve

As technology and modern nutrition continue to evolve, scientists and research study experts must also develop their study methods to append already-known information. Although nutrition research provides no instant answers, we still must eat to survive, and interest in nutritional study is unlikely to fade.

The food environment is constantly changing. Food ingredients will continue to change despite many consumers noticing little difference. Intervention from science and technology forge onward, assisting research technicians and other nutritional professionals with helpful tool sets like Nutritionist Pro. 

Contact our caring and concerned team today to learn more about Nutritionist Pro and how our team can help benefit various research study applications. We’ll detail how our toolset helps to optimize data analysis, create and customize menus, and provides numerous other solutions.