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Nutritionist Pro™ Meets All Your Research Needs

Research With Best Nutrition Data Around

Ability to search foods meeting certain nutrient criteria. Over 120 nutrients captured for in-depth nutritional research.

Plan Your Research Study

Use the client or client group feature and track nutrient data for unlimited research participants.

Recognize Research Patterns Quicker

Food Frequency Questionnaire to see food patterns over time. Keep track of diet records for research participants.

Research Features

nutrition research

Features For Research Study

Plan and analyze with unlimited research participants

Analyze Your Study Results

Provide the study results to your statistician, manage a large group of participants easily. Rely on robust data using latest data sources.

Monitor Nutrient Intake

See how your client is eating using diet recalls or FFQ, provide menus and use our robust reports for nutrition education.

Our Team Can Help

There are many different ways to setup your data, talk to our team and we can help guide you as you begin your dietary intake process.

Diet Features For Better Research

Great Features For Research Facilities

Set Exercise And Weight Goals, Track Visit Notes

Setup participants and be as detailed as needed based on your study guidelines

Analyze Unlimited Diet Recalls, FFQ's

Setup Diet Recall guidelines with your team and manage a client group or for each individual participant.

Extract Data To Manage Study Results

Data Extraction Tool allows for easy extraction of diets, menus and more.

Nutrient Data From Around The World

Nutritionist Pro™ Is Used In Many Studies Around The World

Large Extensive Food Data From Around The World

Data variety means you can easily create Diet Recalls for your participants

Easy Data Entry

Use the copy and past features to make Data Entry fast and efficient. With so many participants this is a must.

Nutritionist Pro Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

Great for – Dietitians, Hospital research facilities govt programs and more.

nutrition data research

Great for Nutrition Research

Research Scientist's Love This Data

Serving the Nutrition Industry since 1980’s

Nutritionist Pro has been helping the industry for over 3 decades in over 100 countries.

Extensive Nutrient Database

Get complete analysis of foods from all over the world. Plus you can add an unlimited number of your own foods and recipes.

Data Extraction Options

Data large amounts of data using the Data Extraction Tool.

Food Data Details

Nutrient Data Presented How You Want It

Continuously Growing

Over 82,000 foods and recipes from around the world.

Track Important Nutrients

120 nutrients tracked from different food sources.

Measure Your Way

Foods available in multiple measure options -- cups or ounces, for improved user experience.

Data Extraction Features

Save Your Team Time By Using The Extraction Tool.

Extract Large Amounts Of Data

Easy to use and extract large amounts of nutrient data.

Excel Output

Once the data is extracted into Excel your team can further modify it to meet your study needs.

Extract Various Types Of Data

Select nutrients, participants, and the type of data you would like to extract.

Recommended Module For Healthcare

Diet Analysis Module And Data Extraction Tool

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Take The Next Step: