Want to Streamline Your Nutrition Research? Always Go to an Expert
Food Nutrition Research

Thousands of researchers use a nutrition analysis tool to streamline the process from nutrition data collection to evaluation. It saves valuable time navigating participants’ data and enabling the researchers to search for foods meeting certain nutrient criteria and helps recognize research patterns quicker.

The goal is to get your nutrition research assignments done faster by working smarter.

What does a nutrition researcher need to do during research?

Nutrition researchers need to examine the complex interplay between foods eaten and health and disease in individuals or populations, such as the role of diet in managing diabetes, etc. One of the hard things about nutrition research is designing a nutrition research study, which involves:

  • Developing the research question, such as the Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) or Diet Recall
  • Outlining the methodology
  • Conducting the research 
  • Analyzing the data
  • Reporting and dissemination of results

The entire methodology is complex and conducted between sets of data derived documents. When done manually, this is a huge undertaking and time-consuming.

Nutrition researchers can leverage a nutrition analysis tool instead and simplify and streamline the process from data collection to evaluation.

Any Recommendation for Nutrition Analysis Software for Nutrition Research Needs?

Browse the Internet, you will see many nutrition analysis tools. You have to choose the one which can meet your research requirements. One way is to  see a Demo of a nutrition analysis software and get an understanding of how it works and how you can benefit. 

One of the top-choice nutrition analysis tools, Nutritionist Pro™,designed by dietitians and widely used all over the world, may be the right choice for you. It contains all the essential features for research studies and diet features for better research. It also offers large extensive food data from around the world, which can enable you to easily create diets for your participants and also add an unlimited number of your own custom foods and recipes when necessary. The data extraction feature of Nutritionist Pro™ is a great help which nutrition researchers greatly appreciate.

Do you want to get started with Nutritionist Pro™? Talk to one of our customer support representatives at Nutritionist Pro™ or go to Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen Diet Analysis Module and Data Extraction Tool