What Makes Food Nutrition Research So Challenging? How Can a Nutrition Analysis Software Simplify It?
Food Nutrition Research

Conducting and interpreting nutrition research involves consideration of the research question, food environment, wide variability of nutrients in foods and dietary patterns, study design, approaches used to collect and analyze dietary data, and manner in which results are reported. The purpose of food and nutrition research is to publish original research studies directly relevant to human nutrition.

Food nutrition research is conducted to investigate the role of diet in managing diabetes, which is extremely challenging particularly because it involves assessing and intervening in patients’ lifestyle and habits. Dietitians are to largely depend on self-reported information of the patients, patients’ interpretation of food habits and lifestyles. The challenge is how nutrition research results are interpreted. 

Manually doing it is indeed a huge task, taking a lot of time and labor. A nutrition data analysis software can save you time and effort. 

Food Nutrition Research Software

By using a food nutrition research software, you can streamline the process from data collection, its interpretation, to production of reports. It can save valuable time by automatically importing participants’ information, and enable you to generate evidence-based reports on the fly. All the more, the chances of human error are minimized with the implementation of a food nutrition research software. 

How Do Professional Dietitians Perform Food Nutrition Research?

Today’s professional dietitians use data-driven food nutrition research software which lets them calculate nutritional values, obtain the evidence-based information needed to meet both health requirements and the demands of their health-conscious clients efficiently and quickly. 

University students, researchers and dietitians – all use food nutrition research software applications to meet their client needs and comply with government rules and regulations. 

Quick-view of User Benefits

  • Speed up your food nutrition research workflows
  • Calculate nutrient goals for Dietary Reference Intake for Upper Intake, or AI/RDA Levels efficiently
  • Select nutrients, participants, and the type of data you’d like to extract
  • Extract large amounts of nutrient data easily in CSV. file
  • Modify it to meet your food nutrition research needs
  • Save time and resources

Great for research facilities, etc looking for large output of raw nutrient data, a food nutrition research software application can lay out food nutrition research data in an excel format that will be compatible with all major data analysis programs and will be easy to share with colleagues and clients alike. 

Why should Nutritionist Pro™ be a Natural Choice for Your Food Nutrition Research Purposes?

Apart from providing all the above features and user benefits, Nutritionist Pro™, a highly sought nutrition diet analysis software application used by leading companies around the world, can enable you to extract custom data into an easy to use format for research studies, statistical analysis, websites and more! You can get a complete analysis of foods from around the world, plus, if needed,  you can add an unlimited number of your own foods and recipes to the included extensive food nutrient database.

With the release of its version 7.9, Nutritionist Pro™ is now even more a natural food nutrition research software choice. It is more intuitive and feature-rich, especially tailored to research goals and to help gain greater control of research data. 

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