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As dieticians, we understand the importance of achieving the best possible results for clients. You want them to attain their goals of reaching the healthier state they deserve, and you want to use every tool at your disposal to make it happen. One of the greatest tools you can have as a nutritionist is a specialized software that allows you to retain, report, and compile dietary information and unlock the hidden potential inside every client as you help them reach that healthy goal.

Nutrient Tracking

Nutrient tracking involves looking for nutrient intake patterns to achieve health or fitness-related goals. Most of this is done to ensure the body ingests certain compounds, and nutritionists and researchers often use it to find healthier outcomes for many dietary issues. However, it’s not exclusive to nutritionists and researchers alone.

Nutrient tracking is a research-based method of learning information, but nutrition research software is not specific to scientific studies. Whether you are a nutritionist, doctor, wellness expert, or fitness trainer, nutrient tracking has a singular purpose: to notice patterns and outcomes for healthier results. As a result, nutritionists can use it to monitor client nutrient intake and ensure they reach their health goals.

How Does Nutrient Tracking Help Your Clients?

At Nutritionist Pro, our food nutrition database has helped over a million nutritionists compile, track, and report enriched information to their clients, research teams, and fellow physicians. The power to monitor and recognize reliable patterns helps nutrition professionals ensure their clients receive the healthier goals they want to achieve.

Software connected through the Nutritionist Pro network can track nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and more. For fitness professionals, these are the nutrients that contribute to calories in certain foods. Nutrient tracking helps identify critical nutrients that are either missing, overrepresented, or deficient in the client’s nutritional health.

If you recognize that a client lacks certain nutrients in their body, you can use nutrient tracking to monitor their intake of those compounds through your meal plans. Furthermore, you can use the same software to create a more effective meal plan by learning which foods and ingredients provide the most nutrients available to help your client achieve their goals.

The Nutrients Our Analysis Software Tracks

Specifically, nutrition analysis software connected through the Nutritionist Pro network can track several nutrient types, including macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The information found through nutrient tracking can help locate where nutritional deficiencies are beginning and provide solutions to realign them with healthier patterns.


Macronutrients are nutrients that provide the body with energy. As registered dieticians, we understand the benefits of macronutrients and the disadvantages of excess. Nutrition research software helps identify what nutrients are in certain foods and will help you create far more effective meal plans for your clients.


Micronutrients are often challenging to track, but software through the Nutritionist Pro database provides curated nutritional analysis even for most micro vitamins out there. Using a food nutrition database, Nutritionist Pro software provides minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrient data to wellness professionals who can use that knowledge to further clients’ health goals.

Can You Track Anything Else?

Aside from nutrients, nutritionists, doctors, and other health and wellness professionals can use nutrition analysis software connected to the Nutritionist Pro network to learn the macro and micronutrient breakdown for several foods and ingredients.

Likewise, you can track patient nutrition intake through meal plans you create for your clients. The software allows you to create, cycle, manage, and adjust meal plans to ensure your clients receive every macro and micronutrient they need to realign themselves to a healthier goal.

Finally, you can create and report workout regimens alongside those meal plans. It is an excellent option for fitness experts, who can ensure their clients receive correct nutrition from their meal plans while simultaneously giving them ways to promote a healthier body and digest them all.

Nutrient Tracking and Patient Health

With the ability to track macro and micronutrients, create meal plans, and access an extensive nutritional database, how else can software connected to the Nutritionist Pro network benefit your patient’s health?

Aside from access to the extensive database, tracking software can also compare nutrient intake to current health goals and create easy-to-use reports that monitor, educate, and track client progress. 

Track Client Nutrients Against Health Goals

When you meet a client, the first goal is to align their nutritional needs with health goals. If a client wants to promote a healthier metabolism, then as a nutritionist, you can create a meal and health plan with nutrient tracking to ensure that the client receives the benefits they need to align their outcome with the intended goals.

A client comes to you and complains they are still lethargic after a month of following the nutrition plan you gave them. You can cross-reference your data with other data points available in a food nutrition database and ensure that the meals they should be eating are supplying nutrients. With our software, you can recall diet plans up to three days prior.

Built-in Reports

Every time you use software through the Nutritionist Pro network, you create a report with MyPlate and fifty-five other reporting programs. These reports compile data from your developed meal plans, nutrient tracking, and more. They can be used for reference or commemorated as gifts to your clients to teach them where they started and ended up under your meal plans and guidance.

Mobile Applications, Food Labeling, and More

The goal of every nutritionist, doctor, physician, or health and wellness expert is to help their clients achieve their own. We are no different in this regard. We have the capabilities to provide you with effective software that can help your clients achieve their health goals while providing long-lasting success in nutritional research, analysis, and tracking.