Six Benefits Of Using Nutrition Software For Your Business
6 Benefits Of Using Nutrition Software for your Business - Nutritionistpro

The awareness to lead a healthy life is on the increase nowadays due to the progressive rise in the number of people with non-communicable diseases. This trend has been linked to increasing industrialization with the upsurge in the production of processed foods rich in sugar and fats.

Nutrition education on portion sizes, nutrition profiling, and proper food labeling amongst others is part of the government’s policy to help direct people to make healthy food choices these days. Furthermore, food is being used as a health therapy.  Companies, restaurants, hospitals, and all facilities that deal with food consequently have a respectable duty to process loads and loads of nutrition information daily.

Nutritionist Pro™ has been a staple in the food industry for many years. It is nutrition software for diet analysis, food labeling, and meal planning with cutting-edge technology. Designed to help food professionals including dietitians, food service managers, food manufacturers, and nutritionists, streamline and automate their operations and client communication for their different businesses.  For food industry businesses it’s the best nutrition software out there, comprising clinical nutrition software, nutrition labeling software, and a variety of nutrition expert tools.

It is a must-have software for everyone in the food business as its benefits for your business are unparalleled.

Benefits of nutrition software for your business

1. It meets the nutrition software guidelines for leading countries

Our nutrition software meets the nutrition guidelines for countries such as the USA, Canada, Europe/UK, and China/Hong Kong. So, by meeting these international guidelines, your business can do transactions both nationally and internationally thereby covering more territories.

Additionally, it offers many features for nutrition analysis to fit various industries. It has a very simple but efficient design.

2. Our nutrition software has built-in food data

Nutritionist Pro™ nutrition software has built-in food/ingredient data from around the world. This food database contains over 96,000 foods. Also, the software is flexible enough as it allows the addition of specific ingredients that are not present in the database as well. This makes recipe creation very fast and efficient. Since time is very essential to making profits in any business, this is one good software for your business. We also offer a great recipe calorie calculator to make your food labeling process easier.

3. Multi-lingual nutrition software

Similarly, the nutrition labeling software is multi-lingual: it makes labels in English, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese amongst others. This aspect of the software would increase the client base of your business as you can easily communicate your food label to a wider audience. For countries that are bilingual such as Canada or with a large multilingual population such as the United States, this software will be very beneficial as you can decide to communicate the information about your food product in the different languages that are dominant in a particular country, or in a particular region of that country. Effective communication is key to marketing any product especially food products as nowadays people want to know exactly what they are eating to stay healthy.

Besides the food labeling software being multi-lingual, it also contains different labeling formats which give you options to choose from. This way you can choose the format which best communicates your products to your clients and potential clients. 

4. Nutrition software with cloud functionality

Another important benefit of Nutritionist Pro™ is that it is offered as both Cloud or Desktop solutions making it easy to adapt to your business, based on your individual needs.  Cloud versions are great if you are looking to access the software from anywhere and from any device.  In addition, if your business or organization requires that the application be housed within their facility, the desktop is an excellent choice. To see the various options in both Cloud and Desktop this comparison chart is a good place to start. 

5. Create cycle menus at all levels

The software can also be used to create cycle menus at all levels for patients, restaurants, facilities, schools, hospitals, etc. Menu creation is done very easily with the use of the menu wizard and the cut and paste option of adding foods which makes the process also very fast. In addition, menu samples are available to help your client with meal planning, e.g., 1500 FODMAP, Vegetarian, etc.

Its clinical nutrition software can be used very efficiently in clinical nutrition work. Here patient or client nutrition assessment can be done which includes food intake analysis, setting of nutrition goals, providing educational reports, and managing patient or client weight changes amongst others. The software can also create diet records for clients/patients. 

Furthermore, the software can be used in research work to make 24hour recalls, diet recalls, and food frequency questionnaires (FFQ).

 6. Nutrition software with add-on tools

Lastly, our software has several nutrition add-on tools. These include data extraction tools, API export, HIPAA security, user management, data transfer, and more. The data extraction tool extracts large amounts of data from recipes, diets, menus amongst others, saving your business the time to do this manually. After data extraction, it creates easy excel spreadsheets in a format that is compatible with all major data analysis programs, to be used for further analysis which also saves time.  Moreover, this tool makes sharing your data with clients or colleagues a snap. Here is a quick guide 

The HIPAA user management tool provides an extra security layer for clients that need it. It allows for the creation of user-profiles facility access to the application via a login and it is only available on the Nutritionist Pro™ ‘s network’s installation type.

The data transfer tool permits the migration of customer data from one Nutritionist Pro™ version to the next. With this nutrition software in place, there is no fear of losing your data upon upgrade and as such, there is the flexibility to start from any version that suits your business now and upgrade later as your business changes. NutritionistPro™ is the one-stop get it all nutrition software that your business needs to get to the next level in today’s technological age. From its DOS beginnings in 1982 to this cloud version today, it has been helping the food and nutrition industry with an impeccable reputation to show for it and it continues to evolve.  Therefore it’s certainly one software your business will not regret purchasing.

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