Dietitian Menu Planning Software: How It Can Help Create Meal Plans Your Clients Will Follow?

Dietitians often complain about their clients not following meal plans in between appointments. It gives rise to a kind of insecurity and frustration in practitioners who often worry whether their meal plans are sound.

Not all clients will follow menu plans is true.  However, there are some practitioners who create incredible menu plans which are really followed. And, this makes dietitians happy and boosts their confidence.

Wondering how those dietitians make it happen? First of all, it is their expertise and experience in food nutrition with a practical approach to menu planning. The second and most important thing is the use of a tool for menu planning or a menu planning software.

What is a Menu Planning Software?

A menu planning softwareis a tool or application which helps dietitians create a meal plan, adjust diets, monitor exercise, weight logs, and much more. It provides nutrient information about foods which are included in the plan. It calculates food nutritional values, such as calories, proteins, carbs, etc. The menu planning software toolswhich are focused on dietetics also include micro-nutrient values, such as vitamins, minerals, etc.

Is a Menu Planning Software Really Worth it for Dietitians? 

If dietitians want to adopt a no-fuss, practical approach to menu planning for their clients, dietitian menu planning software is a must for them.

They don’t have to spend long hours making menus, diets, and recipes as they usually may take doing it by hand. Those tasks can be automated with the installation of menu planning softwareinstead. They can cut the calculation time for calories, macro, and micronutrients, and cut down the time to communicate efficiently with their clients to share information, nutritional plans, diet information, fitness plans, nutritional profile, etc.

Can making an investment in a dietitian menu planning software really provide good value?

Get a better understanding of the real worth of a dietitian menu planning software by looking into the features of Nutritionist Pro™, an all-in-one food nutrition analysis software, featuring all the essential diet analysis solutions.

Quickview of Solutions:

  • Create and build formulas
  • Add any custom ingredient/food 
  • Create Cycle Menus, e.g. 4-week cycle
  • Menu creation for patients/clients
  • Get sample menu templates for vegetarian, gluten-free, diabetic, etc. 
  • Create diet records and 24-hour recall for clients/patients
  • Generate various nutrient reports
  • Manage clients/patients
  • Plan meals for patients/clients with their exercise and weight/nutrient goals
  • Compare menus against their goals
  • Print and email options for a variety of reports

In addition, the Nutritionist Pro™ dietitian menu planning software module is equally the right choice for research students, who can use this module to plan their research study, track nutrient data, diet recalls, FFQ for unlimited research participants, provide the study results to their statistician, and manage a large group of participants easily, among others.

The Bottom-Line

Watch a demo of Nutritionist Pro™ and see how a Dietitian Menu Planning Software may help ease your daily routines.