Get the Dual Convenience of Food Label Creation and Printing by Printing Food Labels With Portable Brother Printers
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Print your food labels using portable brother printers

Every year, the competition becomes more and more intense in the food industry. If you have a food product that you want to get out into the market or boost the sales you already have, you need the proper technology.

One of the most significant ways to give yourself an edge in the crowded food market is by designing and producing your food labels. Does this mean hiring a designer and paying another company to print and adhere your labels to your products? That can be expensive and time-consuming — two things your business does not have excess to spare.

What if you have a customer, client, or supplier who needs your products right away or on a Sunday afternoon? You won’t be able to run to the printers every time, and you may start to lose customers because of it.

Luckily, there is now a way you can print your labels or easy-to-peel food labels right at home and get them out to your customers as soon as possible.

Now you can use in-house, easy-to-move printers specifically designed to create food labels and easy-to-peel stickers that are perfect for items for the sale of food items in smaller quantities. Designing and printing your custom food labels is now easier than ever for food producers and manufacturers with an in-house food label printer.

This article will dive into why you should print your food labels, why you should get a printer for your food labels, what printer you need, and how Nutritionist Pro™ can help.

Why You Should Print Your Labels

The most glaring reason you should print your labels is that you will save time and money. Printing companies are businesses just like yours and will charge a tidy sum for using their services. If you add up all those fees as your business grows and you begin selling more products, it could be the difference between profit and loss.

In that same thread, there is a massive convenience factor in being able to print your labels. With a printer capable of printing food and nutrition labels, you never have to worry about leaving your home. Simply print your labels in your home on portable, compact printers with labeling capabilities (see below for options) on a thermal roll, peel, and apply it to a package.

Nutritionist Pro™ can help you save time and money with software, complete with templates, that you can use to make your food labels quickly and easily. By using software from Nutritionist Pro™ and printing your labels on an at-home printer, you won’t incur commercial printing costs, and you can make your labels whenever you want or need them, allowing you to control your expenses.

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Buying a Printer

An excellent solution to the high costs and inconvenience of using a printing service to print your food labels is to purchase a printer of your own.

Buying a printer combines a more do-it-yourself approach with professional-looking labels and is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business. You will get professional-grade labels and have control over the process.

Portable label printers can vary widely in resolution, size, cost, and label and paper capacity. Keep in mind the number of labels you need. Printing food labels on a portable in-home printer is excellent for food labels for:

  • Vending machines
  • Cafeterias
  • Convenience stores
  • Delis
  • Grocery stores
  • Any food product where peel stickers would be required

If your business is large enough that it needs massive quantities of labels for your food products, it will be cheaper to outsource the job to a printing company.

However, if you are looking to print food labels for your products on a smaller scale, then in-house portable printers like the ones from Brother are the ideal choice. Combined with the software from Nutritionist Pro™, printing food labels is now less costly and more convenient.

Brother Printers Are Configured To Print Nutritionist Pro™ Food Labels

There are three printers of the TD Brother printer line we have selected that are configured to print food labels and templates from Nutritionist Pro™. With these printer models, you can have the dual convenience of creating and quickly printing your easy-to-peel food labels in-house, saving you time and money.

At Nutritionist Pro™, we are here to help you get your small nutrition-based business off the ground and sell your food products as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we have created a dedicated page where you can find Brother label printers and various paper sizes to purchase.

The paper options are a 2- or 4-inch-wide label with no height restrictions and can print a label with a complete ingredient list. You can use the cutter option on the printer to perfectly cut the label to your specifications. They come in various sizes and lengths.

With a few clicks, you can be on your way to making fast and easy labels from the convenience of your home. Here are the three best printers from Brother for at-home label creation. Click on the printer headings to learn more about each printer.

Brother Printer TD2120N

One of the most compact and fastest thermal printers. It has an innovative design that features drop-in roll and spindle-less functionality.

  • Price: $279.99 USD
  • Prints 2-inch-wide labels in 203 dpi (dots per inch)
  • Desktop thermal label and receipt printer
  • USB and LAN connectivity
  • Ergonomic design fits nicely on desktops or in a corner and accepts various media

Brother Printer TD2130N

This printer has much of the same functionality as the TD2120N but prints labels at a higher dpi. It has a resolution of 300 dpi instead of the standard 203 dpi. If you need or want higher-resolution labels, then this upgraded printer is for you!

  • Price $329.99
  • Prints 2-inch-wide labels in 300 dpi
  • Desktop thermal label and receipt printer
  • USB and LAN connectivity
  • Ergonomic design fits nicely on desktops or in a corner and accepts various media

Brother Printer TD4550DNWB

This printer has a 300 dpi printing resolution and prints at speeds up to 6 lps (labels per second). This printer is a top-of-the-line label printer.

  • Price $489.99
  • 4” desktop wireless network thermal label, tag, and receipt printer
  • Prints 4-inch labels in 300 dpi
  • USB, serial, ethernet LAN, wifi, WLAN and bluetooth BLE MFi connectivity
  • Ergonomic design to fit into any space or on any table
  • Easy to use

Final Thoughts

If you are in the nutrition business and selling food is part of it, you need to consider using a label printer from Brother to print your food labels. Combined with label-making software from Nutritionist Pro™, you could save your business and yourself loads of time and money.

If you are a small-to-medium-sized business and need food and nutrition labels for cafeterias, vending machines, grocery stores, and more, consider using a Brother label printer and the accompanying software from Nutritionist Pro™.

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