Axxya Systems Released Version7.9 of Nutritionist Pro™ Food Labeling Module!
Food Labeling Software

Food manufacturers are happy to find ready-to-use food ingredients on a food nutrient analysis and labeling system. It enables them to produce retail-ready nutrition labels in minutes! Are you one of them who is also looking for such a system with a large food ingredient database? Looking for a system which can offer drag-and-drop functionality, saving you time and enhancing your workflows?

The ability to perform food nutrient analysis and labeling quickly is an essential barometer of a food manufacturing company to run its business efficiently.

Those using Nutritionist Pro™, a top-choice food nutrition analysis and labeling software – designed by Axxya Systems, get the hang of how easy and fast it is to perform food nutrient analysis and labeling. They are able to:

  • Create Food labels for foods and beverages for many regions
  • Get detailed nutrition reporting in minutes
  • Conform to the new food labeling rules 

All this and more! Axxya Systems recently releasedNutritionist Pro™ version 7.9, loaded with many outstanding and desired features which enable food manufacturers and food service companies to streamline their food labeling workflows and help them achieve a competitive edge.

 Highlights of Version 7.9 : 

  • More foods added to  the database from customer requests and industry changes
  • Option to configure decimal nutrient points into vitamins and minerals
  • Integrate 3rd party tools for data extraction
  • Ability to override rounded unit and DV values 

A Larger Food Nutrient Database:

The food ingredient database is now much richer. The Nutritionist Pro™ version 7.9 comes with a large number of food nutrients which includes the requests from valued customers and the ongoing database updates by their team. Axxya Systems remains committed to adding new nutrients and foods to its database as needed.

Display Nutrient Values in Rounded Figures:

Food companies can now display the values of Potassium, Vitamin D, Added Sugars, etc. for the USA food packaging labels in additional decimal points, based on FDA revisions and clarity.

Food Packaging Labels

Integrate Third-Party Tools to Publish Nutrition Data:

Nutritionist Pro™ online users can now extract food labels and nutrition data in CSV files which can be used to publish on websites, sent to printing applications or sent to any third-party tools. Currently, the users of Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen for the USA and Canada have access to this feature.

Override the Rounded Unit and DV Values:

This feature will enable the users to edit the rounded units and the rounded daily values (DV) to display on the food packaging labels. Overriding the nutrient values may be allowed to suit the users’ specific product needs. Once this overriding feature is used, the FDA-mandated rounding feature which comes built-in with this application will automatically be disabled.

Will these New Features be Available to the Current Active Users?

The current active users will receive all these great features of Nutritionist Pro™ v7.9 by logging into the online application or installing the desktop application. If you have an expired online account, you may still be able to add more time, by logging into your account using the link and from the left-hand navigation panel select “Buy more Products,” then pick the plan and complete the purchase. Those who like to purchase a new plan or have not used the Nutritionist Pro™ applications, please purchase via our easy-to-use shopping cart.  If you are using the desktop and would like to receive the updated 7.9 version please contact our team and we will be happy to help.  

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