Nutrition Analysis: Choose the Best Nutrition Software To Streamline Your Nutrition Business Processes

Nutrition analysis software is an essential and effective tool for anyone in the nutrition field

The world is more health-conscious than ever. If you are in the nutrition industry, you know that your clients need the nutrition information regarding the food they will consume and deliver it to them quickly and efficiently.

Nutritionists, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals have typically used a spreadsheet program to provide a nutrition analysis to their clients. While there is nothing wrong with that approach, the process is time-consuming and has become somewhat outdated.

Luckily, technology and automation have given us new and better ways to streamline finding and providing this massive amount of information to customers in the form of nutrition analysis. There are software platforms, such as the ones from Nutritionist Pro™, now available that can instantly lookup and display nutritional information and other vital functions for you to provide clients with a quick and accurate dietary analysis.

If you are in the nutrition industry, you need to have a way to get nutrition information quicker and more accurately to your customers than using spreadsheets. You need to get the nutritional analysis software from Nutritionist Pro™.

This article will explore what nutrition analysis is, how it has been automated, the features you should be aware of when looking for nutritional analysis software for your business, and why Nutritionist Pro™ has all the features you need.

What Is Nutrition Analysis?

Nutrition analysis refers to the process of scientifically calculating the nutritional content of food.

It is vital to both consumers and the authorities that govern food, like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It involves breaking down recipes, meals, and menu items to provide information about what people are eating.

There are many professionals whose job is to break down food and analyze it properly: dietitians, nutritionists, researchers, healthcare professionals, and more.

How Can You Do It?

Nutrition analysis can be performed manually using excel or other spreadsheets, but this process takes a tremendous amount of time and labor. They must thoroughly search and cross-reference hard copy food composition tables, outline population health targets, and look up nutrient reference value tables.

Another way of providing nutrition analysis is to use software with built-in calculations. Today’s software has a database of other foods from many parts of the world, which is very advantageous when working with a wide range of clients. Users can easily create 24-hour diets or menus using the food items from the database. You can also run various reports to see the detailed nutrient analysis for diets and menus. 

Using a database and software with quick-and-easy access is cheaper and much less time-consuming for businesses.

Nutritionist Pro™ has been a leader in the nutrition industry since 1982. For forty years, we have been providing nutritional information to health care practitioners with the best and easy to use features. To try Nutritionist Pro’s software for free and get instant nutrition analysis for your client when you sign up for a FREE trial, click the link below.

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Automating the Nutrition Analysis Process

Nutritionists and dietitians have been analyzing their clients’ nutrition the hard way for many years. That outdated way is looking up the nutritional values of food, manually entering them into a spreadsheet application, and then analyzing the values.

With all the technological advances today, the automated ability to more quickly and easily find nutritional information is the best way to go for businesses that need nutrition analysis for their clients.

There is now nutrition analysis software developed specifically for professionals and people in the field of nutrition to enhance, automate, and streamline the nutrition analysis process.

Personal Nutrition Analysis Software

In today’s world, personal nutrition analysis software is essential for anyone in the healthcare industry. More and more people are requiring the services of a nutritionist or dietitian which means they need to provide their clients fast and efficiently in order to help as many clients as possible.

A great nutritional analysis software is now essential for any nutrition professional who needs to properly analyze their patients’ food intake. The software should also have features and functions that allow you to quickly assess the patient’s nutrition needs and run your businesses effectively.

Features and Functions the Software Should Provide

When researching a nutrition analysis software, you must ensure that it provides enough features to reach your goals. Nutrition analysis has many facets to it, and all of them need to be accounted for within your chosen software.

Choose software with features to allow your business to achieve the following:

Agility and Flexibility

Food and food habits are ever-changing and evolving. People and professionals need to quickly adapt to new food products, diets, and changing preferences. The best way to instantly adapt to these changes is to have software that changes and adapts with you.

Additionally, you will be able to manage your business more effectively by providing fast information to your clients as soon as needed.


Using automated nutrition analysis software will allow you to free up more time to innovate or grow your business. If you find a nutrition analysis software that has all the features you need, you can create much more time to focus on improving your business.

Features such as a quick preview of nutrients while adding foods to diets, menus, and recipes give you the ability to save time when new recipes and food products are introduced.

Nutritional Goals

The first thing a new client must do with their nutritionist or dietitian is to set goals. Many types of goals need to be set, and inputting them into a spreadsheet to keep track of them is time-consuming and tedious.

You need nutrition analysis software to quickly and accurately track your client’s progress to achieve their various goals. It should allow you to track and input:

  • Nutrient Goals: Use the latest Dietary Reference Goals to monitor your client’s nutrition intake
  • Exercise Goals: Have a list of exercises to choose from to see the caloric expenditure of your client
  • Caloric Goals: Count calories using built-in formulas that will also allow you to track their weight

Diet and Food Intake Recalls

As a nutritionist or dietitian, you need to see what your clients are eating. A quick and easy way to do this is using a diet record and food frequency questionnaire built into the nutrition analysis software.

The nutrition analysis software should be equipped with a wide variety of foods to input into a 24-hour or 3-day food recall, so it is easy to track your client’s food intake.

Meal Planning

Another fantastic option that your nutrition analysis software needs that are far quicker and more efficient than using a spreadsheet are meal planning software. When your clients arrive at your doorstep, they want you to plan their meals for them.

Having quick and easy software to help them plan their meals will save you tons of time. Ideally, your meal planning software will include

  • Built-in meal plans for people that have various caloric restrictions or health conditions
  • Comprehensive preset menus for various calorie levels with categories such as Diabetic, Vegetarian, and more.
  • The latest dietary reference intake (DRI) nutrient goals to compare menus

Extensive Report Creation

People who come to see a dietitian or nutritionist want to see results. They want results in how they look and feel and they want quantifiable results, as well.

With your new nutrition analysis software, you should be able to show them any reports that they wish to see or that you deem relevant. The software should be able to instantly show you dietary guidelines, nutrition summaries, goal tracking reports, menu lists, and different options for viewing (pdf, CSV, etc.)

Final Thoughts

One of the critical features of a robust nutrition analysis software is that it will update and sync with changing guidelines put in place by the nutrition industry. Users will receive professional technical support and instant notifications when these updates come into effect and are uploaded to the system.

Nutritionist Pro™ has a nutrition analysis software with features that check all of your boxes. It is perfect for dietitians, nutritionists, researchers, and healthcare professionals. Nutritionist Pro™ delivers enhanced diet analysis software that allows you to:

  • Choose a diet recall in 24-hour or 3-day intervals.
  • Use the Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ).
  • Perform efficient meal planning for patients and facilities.
  • Set patient nutrient, exercise, and weight goals.
  • Modify recipes to make them healthier.
  • Get the latest dietary reference goals.
  • Have access to over 55+ reports for nutrition education.

Nutritionist Pro™ designed this innovative diet analysis software to be simple to use and offer the most comprehensive food database available.

Additionally, Nutritionist Pro™ has software that allows you to create nutritional facts labels for the USA, Canada, UK/Europe, and China/Hong Kong, as well as comprehensive menu creation software.

If you want to find out more about how Nutritionist Pro™ can help you or your business with nutrition analysis, menu development, and label creation, click the link below to demo Nutritionist Pro™ and sign-up for a FREE trial.

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