Axxya Systems is Celebrating National Nutrition Month® 2021
National Nutrition Month

“When in doubt, use nutrition first,” said Dr. Roger Williams, a British professor of hepatology, well-known for his work on vitamins and human nutrition. People often freak out wondering whether to choose foods based on dieting trends or nutrition principles. For all of them, this month ‘March’ has a big significance because it’s being celebrated as the National Nutrition Month®.


Like every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics drives a nutrition education and information campaign called National Nutrition Month®.  It is done to bring public awareness about nutrition and diet, the importance of making informed food choices, and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. 


This year’s theme of National Nutrition Month® is – “Personalize Your Plate,” which promotes creating nutritious meals to meet an individual’s cultural and personal food preferences. The goal is to put across the authoritative advice of nutrition and diet experts to help people of all ages meet their dietary needs while limiting added sugars, sodium, and saturated fat. 

To promote diet and nutrition awareness and help develop good eating habits, the federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans is published and updated every five years with recommendations of healthful eating plans. Dietitians and nutritionists can explain and personalize your plate as per the guidelines that also aim to help people manage or reduce their risk for chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, or heart disease.


In order to create personalized plates for individual clients, the registered and professional dietitians and nutritionists leverage diet analysis tools like Nutritionist Pro™. By using such a tool, they can easily and quickly create meal plans for their clients based on taste preferences and/or ethnic cuisines. They can also calculate calorie needs and calorie expenditure by using METs for various activities.

A meal planning software like Nutritionist Pro™ simplifies and streamlines the tasks of adjusting diets or producing personalized diets, monitoring exercise, weight loss or gain. It also enables dietitians and nutritionists to show how a client is eating using diet recalls or FFQ, provide menus, and keep track of their clients among others.

How is Axxya Systems Celebrating National Nutrition Month®?

In honor of National Nutrition Month®, Axxya Systems, the development company of the cutting-edge nutrient analysis tools – Nutritionist Pro™, is offering great discounts on their desktop modules, as well as the online version of recipe nutrient analysis and food labeling application

Many discount options are available for our clients, check out the link for details regarding various modules and discount options.  


Our goal at Axxya Systems is simple. We want the mission of the National Nutrition Month® that is “personalize your plate” to be fulfilled. Everyone should be able to eat a healthy nutritious diet. People should get personalized diet plans which suit individual preferences and needs and are able to help make informed food choices. Dietitians and nutritionists can help with the personalization of people’s plates according to their individual needs and ethnic preferences.

We understand this mission of National Nutrition Month is to bring attention to how people can make smart food choices and still be personalized to their preferences. A robust software like Nutritionist Pro™ can be a bridge between the mission and the people wanting to make healthy food choices. 

We at Axxya Systems are happy to spread the word and play a part in the National Nutrition Month®.