How Does A Nutrition Labeling Software Benefit Restaurants?
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With consumers demanding more transparency in what they eat, how it’s prepared, and the nutrition profile of the menu items, restaurants need to adapt and showcase the healthy aspect of their items and cater to this changing need.  Providing this type of information, creates new challenges for restaurants. There is a fine balance between providing tasty dishes and making them nutritious. How best to achieve it?

How is it possible to create tasty yet nutritious food items at restaurants? 

It may be a challenge, but thanks to nutrition label software, also known as nutritional analysis software, restaurants are able to provide more access to food information for making informed choices.

A nutrition label software can provide a complete breakdown of calorie content, fat, protein, and carbohydrates while also revealing the balance between fiber and sugar. Nutrition label data is important for consumers on special diets, those with food allergies or those looking to improve their health using food nutrition information.

How does a nutrition label software benefit restaurants? 

A nutrition label software phases out the process of waiting for lab results and instead streamlines the process of calculating nutrients for foods of a restaurant. Some of the benefits a nutrition labeling software can provide for a restaurant include:  

Menu Creation

Nutrition labeling software allows you to formulate creative recipes. Input the ingredients in the given fields and have the application  help formulate nutritional values. Option to change recipes at any time and experiment comes built-in with the software. 


The process of formulating a menu, sending each food to a lab, continuously making adjustments to reach the ideal taste and nutritional benefits, and then sending it back again may take a long time and be stressful. With the implementation of the best nutrition labeling software such as Nutritionist Pro, creating food menus and modifying them is more efficient and cost effective. It can give a restaurant more time to create, modify, and perfect a more nutritious menu that effectively serves the dietary needs of their patrons. 

Improved User Experience

One can use a nutrition labeling software to introduce a new food menu at any time or add sections to the menu as there is the ability to add unlimited recipes, ingredients, or meals. 

Is a nutrition labeling software hard to use?

A nutrition labeling software, Nutritionist Pro is user friendly and offers many video tutorials. It compiles ingredient data from many regions of the world and has label creation for those regions. One can follow the steps below to get started:

  • Make sure you know the yield of your recipe and your portion amounts  
  • Write down ingredients with weight or common household portions
  • Build your recipe in Nutritionist Pro 
  • Take a look at the nutrient profile and see how the recipe looks
  • Once satisfactory,  the nutrition label is ready for publishing 


Nutritionist Pro provides several advantages and may boost the credibility of a restaurant by providing a tool to be more transparent and exhibit a  proactive nature toward promoting a healthier lifestyle. Nutritionist Pro also allows its users to create nutrition fact labels for USA, Canada, UK/Europe, China/Hong Kong.  

How does Nutritionist Pro work? Watch a Demo now!