Looking for an Easy Way to Create Nutrition Facts Label for Your Food Business Needs?
Nutrition Facts Label

Are you wondering how to create a nutrition label for your food product? There are two methods available to produce a nutrition facts label. They are either laboratory analysis or data-based software analysis. 

Most foods can qualify for data-based software analysis, which is what we are going to discuss here. The turnaround time for a data-based software analysis nutrition facts label is much faster, a same-day turnaround in most instances. The software simply needs three pieces of information.

The number one requirement is the information of the recipe. This requires as much information about each ingredient and sub-ingredients and the amounts for any size batch. It’s important to note if any processed foods were used, and to include the list of ingredients from the package so they can be incorporated into the nutrition label

The number two requirement is the information for the number of servings per package and this is usually determined by the net weight. And lastly, it needs the serving size in grams or ml.

Now, it might be good to note that using a data-based nutrition facts label maker is a practical option for doing it yourself. It genuinely works on a DIY model which allows you to enter your particular ingredient information, serving size and generates specific nutrition facts. 

A nutrition facts label maker’s database hosts information on thousands of foods and ingredients and can be searchable by food item, group, or description. 

How to create nutrition facts labels?

After you’ve received the necessary information, use Nutritionist Pro™ to analyze and generate custom nutrition facts labels. Enter your recipe information or create recipes or formulas easily and quickly by tweaking ingredient information, compare recipes against nutrient guidelines from many regions. By using Nutritionist Pro™, you can also create simple recipes with few ingredients to more complicated recipes with many sub-recipes and generate ingredient statements with photos.

Qualifying for Food Nutrient Claims

In order to stand apart from the competition on the grocery shelves, food companies use food nutrient claims to their marketing advantage. But, calculating food ingredients manually or through a lab testing method is a huge task. By using an automated nutrition facts label maker like Nutritionist Pro™ instead, can save time and money. It comes with built-in tools to easily and quickly calculate content claims from many regions around the world. In order to do it, just click on the nutrient claim button in the software and see if your food recipe qualifies for any nutrient claims. Once the food qualifies for nutrient claims, it will also make the food more marketable. 

Quickview of User Benefits

Nutritionist Pro™ is available in both online and desktop versions. And, it’s designed to create nutrition facts labels for many regions, including USA, Canada, EU, UK, China/Hong Kong. The online version allows users to work with teams across offices in different regions.

Other features include:

  • Easy to use and implement
  • Easy to use wizards to make data entry and recipe/formula creation fast and efficient
  • Use the online version from any device such as MAC, PC, tablets, mobile, and more
  • Many affordable plans available to meet your budget and/or project needs

To Conclude:

Designed with an easy-to-use interface, Nutritionist Pro™ enables users to create an unlimited quantity of nutrition facts label with allergens and ingredient list, analyze and preview nutrient breakdown of unlimited recipes, and create nutrition facts labels for many regions such as USA, Canada, UK/Europe, China/Hong Kong and more, without having to worry about how to stay compliant with a regional food authority guidelines. Nutritionist Pro™ comes with all the capabilities which eliminates all hassles relating to food nutrient analysis and custom label generation.

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