Recipe Calorie Calculator: How Useful Is This Calculator For A Food Producer?
Recipe Calorie Calculator

Let’s start with calories! A calorie is a unit to measure energy level found in foods and beverages. In certain regions the energy content of food is calculated based on kilojoules, where one calorie equals 4.184 kJ.

To determine the number of calories of a food product, the energy it produces is measured. The food used is placed in a sealed container surrounded by water with a bomb calorimeter and then the food used is to be burnt completely. The water temperature is then measured to determine the energy. However, this method is outdated now.

Instead, the food processors calculate the total calorie value of their food items by adding up the calories provided by the energy-containing nutrients, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, alcohol. You may be curious why these nutrients are measured. These main macronutrients provide energy to the body when consumed.

Now, it’s nutritionists and dieticians who will evaluate the nutritional values of the food products whether the food product is healthy or not. This is based on how much of the macronutrients are present in the food. And in order to do that, they use a recipe calorie calculator.

Recipe or Formula Nutrient Calculation

These days, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market demands a constant supply of food products and the demand for food varieties is also consistently on the rise. It means recipes or formulas continue to be refreshed and reformulated. So, it’s quite understandable that the situation calls for a smart, easy, and affordable solution to calculate recipe calories and nutritional values in order for food manufacturers to introduce their food products to the market more quickly.

Recipe Calorie Calculator

The utility of a recipe calorie calculator is enormous for food manufacturers, nutritionists, dietitians and others in the food industry as it can help create recipes quickly and easily by helping compare the recipes against nutrient guidelines from the region or regions where they want to market their food products or offer their foods.  Simply put, a recipe calorie calculator can simplify and streamline food recipe or formulation creation. It’s users just need to choose ready-to-use food ingredients from the database or enter their own food ingredients, compare the output against the guidelines, and get the nutrient information published on food labels for their respective prepackaged food products.

To get a view of how a recipe calorie calculator simplifies and streamlines the workflow, watch a demo of a leading-edge recipe calorie calculator, Nutritionist Pro™.

Advantages of Using Nutritionist Pro™

  • Easy to use, affordable, and quick to implement
  • Ubiquitous collaboration and accessibility from any device
  • Create any number of labels along with allergens and an ingredient list
  • Preview recipe as you create it and avoid surprises after it’s printed
  • See the nutrient breakdown of unlimited recipes 
  • Allows you to check if your food products qualify for content claims like low fat, low sodium, etc. 

Nutritionist Pro™ is a comprehensive food nutrition analysis and labeling solution and features compatibility with food regulations across multiple regions like the USA, Canada, UK/Europe, China/Hong Kong, and more. As a result, the users of this dietitian-driven-and-monitored software, Nutritionist Pro™ stay confident of food recipe creation.

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