Effortless Nutrition Facts Labeling: Digital Solutions To Meet the Need for Canadian Labels
Canada Label Designs

Use the Canadian nutrition facts generator and Canadian nutrition label generator from Nutritionist Profor easy Canada-compliant labels

The food label is one of the most vital tools Canadian consumers can use to make informed decisions about the food they eat. Many people around the world, and especially in Canada, are expressing more interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which means they are turning over their food items and reading the labels much more often.

Food labels are essential for Canadians to know the ingredients and nutritional information contained in food and are crucial for protecting the consumer’s health and safety. For those reasons, the Canadian Federal Government has instituted rules, regulations, and requirements that food labels must adhere to.

This article will discuss who needs to follow the labeling rules from the Canadian government, what food labels in Canada need to include, how a Canadian nutrition facts generator and a Canadian nutrition label generator can help people in the nutrition industry comply with Canadian food label laws — and how Nutritionist Procan help.

Who Needs To Follow the Label Rules?

Anyone who creates food for sale and consumption in Canada must make labels that follow the guidelines outlined by the Canadian government. Proper food labels need to be made by food manufacturers, service providers, consultants, nutritionists, dietitians, and other institutions. The guidelines also need to be followed when creating and analyzing recipes for menus in restaurants or other nutrition businesses.

What Do Food Labels in Canada Include?

Almost all food products require a list of ingredients and allergens for the safety of consumers.

Additional labeling requirements are only mandatory if the food manufacturer or processor chooses to make a particular nutrient or health claim. For example, a product that makes a health claim such as “a healthy diet low in saturated fat may reduce the risk of heart disease” needs to show that their product is low in saturated fat on its label.

Here are some of the other requirements for Canadian food labels:

  • Consistent and realistic serving sizes
  • Specific label designs and styles
  • Percentage of daily values for certain nutrients
  • List of mandatory and optional nutrients
  • List of ingredients present in the food
  • Declaration of any allergens that may be present (peanuts, soy, gluten, etc.)

Following Canadian Food Guidelines and Standards

The food industry is constantly evolving and growing. All food businesses need to sell their food products quickly and efficiently to grow their business, and they also need to develop new food products to meet consumer demand.

To keep up with the market, they need to have new product labels ready to go quickly but also follow the rules. Countries, especially Canada, can change or update their rules and regulations for various reasons, and your business needs to be able to keep up.

Companies in the food industry are responsible for making and selling their food products to the customer using high-quality products and displaying those ingredients on their labels. This requires them to follow the food guidelines and standards of Canada strictly.

However, following these guidelines and generating new labels for all their products and new foods can be a lot of work, which demands an agile nutrition facts labeling solution. Food manufacturers and others in the nutrition industry who create food need a solution that can accelerate production, drive agility, increase workflow processes, and reduce costs.

Nutritionist Prohas been providing accurate information on nutritional guidelines for food labels to nutritionists, dietitians, and food-health professionals since 1982. Our trial software has a free Canadian nutrition facts generator and a free Canadian nutrition label generator, among its many features, to help you create and print high-quality labels for your food products that comply with all Canadian food labeling regulations.

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The Nutrition Facts Generator

Now that nutrition facts are digitized, nutrition businesses have access to fully-integrated nutrition labeling systems. These solutions may come pre-loaded with a centralized Canadian database and unlimited, customizable label templates, including printing capabilities.

Once you have created the nutrition facts for your food product, you can then quickly transfer it to a label with a Canadian nutrition label maker.

Nutritionist Prooffers a free nutrition facts generator in the trial version for nutritionists, dietitians, and anyone else in the health industry needing to make and print labels for their food. Here are some of its fantastic features:

  • Build recipes and formulas from its built-in database
  • Create endless label styles in English and/or French
  • Add custom ingredients
  • Save labels in high-resolution images
  • Print them as needed

Additionally, there are other benefits to using a nutrition facts generator through Nutritionist Pro™.  Going digital:

  • Reduces the chances of error when making food labels
  • Makes it easier to comply with the food standards and guidelines in Canada
  • Reduces the need for paper-based quality control processes and audits
  • Optimizes your time and money spent on food labeling

With these features and more, your Canadian nutrition facts generator gives your business a competitive edge over others and will increase your company’s growth at a much faster rate.

A Labeling Solution To Stay Ahead of the Competition

Today’s consumers read the labels on their food more than ever before. Canadians are becoming more health-conscious and knowledgeable about what they want or don’t want in their diets.

Label regulations also shift and constantly change per public health initiatives and concerns. Food and beverage producers must conform to the old and new regulations to become or remain successful.

Is your business ready for these challenges?

Without digital support and software filled with the latest technology and databases of the latest Canadian regulations, meeting labeling requirements will be challenging and time-consuming. You need a Canadian nutrition label maker to keep updated with the regulations and provide accurate food label information to your customers.

Nutritionist ProSolutions

Nutritionist Prois one of the food industry’s favorite Canadian food nutrition facts and label generators. Without breaking the bank, our software fulfills all the necessary labeling requirements to meet Canadian government food labeling regulations.

Here is what Nutritionist Prosoftware can offer your nutrition business:

  • Easily and quickly create and edit Canada-compliant food labels.
  • Camera-ready labels provided on a graphics file ready for production.
  • Several label design options such as vertical, horizontal, dual column, and more.
  • Bilingual or single language labels.
  • Edit, print, and extract options to get your labels exactly how you want.
  • Step-by-step screens to efficiently create or edit recipes.
  • Extensive ingredient database.
  • Build parenthetical or substitute ingredient lists for your foods.
  • Add nutrient values in unit values or as a percentage.
  • Nutrition food label-compliance systems.
  • Easily identify and update ingredient lists or allergens present in your food items.
  • Final label displays of both unit values and percentages as required by regulations.
  • Many label printing options available (pdf, png, jpg, and more).
  • Easily export all data into easy-to-use excel files.

As you can see, Nutritionist Prooffers the most comprehensive software program available. 

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