Design Nutrition Food Labels Easily with a Robust Online Application
Nutrition Food Label Creation

Nutrition labels are found on many types of foods based on certain criteria.  This type of nutrition label is intended to improve the overall health of the general population and allow consumers to make wise choices when it comes to their food.

Why is Nutrition Food Labeling So Important These Days? 

Consumers are extremely health-conscious and care about what is in their food.  They want to select products based on how it was produced and manufactured.  The food package label allows them to understand more about the food contents and if it fits their personal needs before deciding to purchase.  Some are conscious about allergens, some about the carbon footprint, some about nutrition facts and others about origins of the ingredients.  Information about the product of particular interest include, date of manufacture, shelf-life, the amount of sugar, calorie content, fat content, and whether any ingredients are genetically modified, natural or organic. Nutrition food labels can help them make an informed decision.

That is why many food manufacturers, no matter their size, attach  nutrition labels to their food packaging. As a food manufacturer, one can use a food labeling solution, to create nutrition labels. When selecting a system, make sure to use a robust online nutrition food label creation solution that can create labels for food packages.  Make sure they meet the US FDA CFR guidelines and/or the Canada Guidelines by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Do you know how a robust nutrition food label creation software can help you?

Some attributes include:

  • Significantly reduces the process of food labeling.
  • Helps build unlimited recipes.
  • Displays nutrient values on the fly.
  • Creates unlimited labels in different formats.
  • Generates labels in various languages.

How to choose a nutrition food labeling solution?

First, determine the goal and the region. Is the food item being sold in a retail environment, or to food service vendors, or to customers online? How many units will be sold? Any plans to export to other regions?

Next, be familiar with food labeling requirements related to the goals. For the most current information, visit the regional government’s labeling guidelines website. For example, one can browse the US Guidelines, FDA, CFR 21 rules, and for Canada Guidelines, browse the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Then, select a robust nutrition food label creation software from the options available on the market which can help customize food labels as per the business requirements.

Is this Selection an Easy Task?

Perhaps not, given  the many  choices! To help with a selection, we recommend Nutritionist ProNexGen Online Application.

Some attributes of the application include:

  • Accessible online from anywhere using a computer or smart device
  • Compliance with multiple regions, languages, food label formats
  • Generates aggregate labels for foods with different flavors and varieties
  • Generates dual declaration for foods with different nutrient profiles before and after preparation (one-size-fits-all option)

In addition there are many more reasons to access this application. Additional examples include, easy to navigate screens to build nutrition food labels in simple, easy, and quick steps. See steps below to see how to create food labels within a few minutes.

Go to the website of Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen Online Application and create an account to access its dashboard.

Follow the Steps below:

  • Click on the Create Label button in the dashboard.
  • Click on your preferred region option in the Label Name window.
  • Select the Label Type.
  • Select Foods (Click the check-box next to the Food Name and then hit the Continue button). If you have not created your recipe or food item follow these steps here.
  • Click on Serving, Nutrient, Ingredient, Allergen section.
  • Find four categories – General, Nutrient, Ingredient, Allergen section.
  • Click on the General tab to see all the data for food items like Metric, Equivalent, Serving Size, Reference Amount, etc. (If you want to change data, simply write over the value provided in the given fields).
  • Click on the Nutrient tab and input the desired nutrition values to be displayed on the label.
  • Click on the next two tabs, and provide inputs as required. Here you can select and edit your ingredient and allergens list.
  • Once you are ready, click on the Continue button to see the Label.
  • Click on Label – in this section, and see the preview of the label.
  • You can edit the color, image format of the label, etc.

Save and close the preview and go back to the dashboard and select the Edit Label option to make any further changes on the label if needed.

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