Chinese Food Labeling Simplified By Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen Online Application
Chinese Food Labeling

When it comes to the food industry, technology isn’t the first thing which comes to mind. But, these days, technology is an integral part of the food industry, from being a part of food production, to food nutrient analysis and food labeling, among many others. 

You can find how easily and quickly food manufacturers are creating custom food labels by using food labeling applications to significantly improve food packaging and food product promotion.


Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen, an online food labeling application, has been helping the food industry to create food labels for decades and is used in over 100 countries, including China and Hong Kong. This online food labeling application is used for Chinese food labeling.

The users of Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen online application can build a recipe/formula quickly and easily. They can build unlimited label styles in standard serving format or dual column format displaying Chinese NRVs. They can create the Chinese labels for different package sizes and formats both in English and/or Chinese.

Let’s learn how Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen online application can enable the Chinese food manufacturers to perform food labeling easily and quickly. Here are the steps:

  • First, login to the Nutritionist Pro™ NexGen online application
  • Go to your dashboard 
  • Click on the Create Label button in the main dashboard
  • Select your region in this case China, your label and the style language of the label (if you change your mind, you can always come back to change the label or the style)
  • Find a variety of food label styles 
  • Choose your style
  • Click continue
  • Pick your food
  • See recent foods shown below the dashboard (you can either search from the list or type in the name of the food to make your selection)
  • Select the checkbox next to the food name once you find the right food item
  • Hit continue when finished
  • Go to the next tab and find four categories
  • General, Nutrients, Ingredients, and Allergens
  • See all the data for your food in the nutrient tab
  • Simply type over the values to change any numbers to further customize

If any mandatory nutrient values are missing, the application will alert you with the red message box and you can type in those missing values as needed or check your recipe in the recipe section to see why the data is missing. In the general tab, you can assign serving size, servings per container, and nutrient claims to see if your food qualifies for any claims like low-fat, etc. The last two tabs are for your ingredient statement and allergens. You can edit and clean up the text as you need before it’s shown on the final label.

Once you are ready, simply hit the continue button and see the final label. 

Then, you will be directed to the food labeling design section where you will find simple editing features to choose your color, scale the size as you need and then when it’s ready, save the label in one of the graphic formats. And, you’re done!

Isn’t that simple? Want to get started with Nutritionist  Pro™ NexGen for Chinese food labeling

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