Change the Language of Your Food Label with Nutritionist Pro™

As a food manufacturer, your food and beverage labels reflect each product’s nutrition profile. With Nutritionist Pro™, you can have FDA nutrition labels in both English and Spanish. In this blog post, we’ll discuss who Nutritionist Pro™ is for, why it’s important to connect with your multi-lingual consumer base, and how Nutritionist Pro™ makes it easy for the foodservice and food manufacturers to do so using their nutrition label maker.

Nutritionist Pro’s Experience in the Industry

Nutritionist Pro™ has been helping the food manufacturing and foodservice industry for over 3 decades, and our extensive experience in label making gives us the upper hand in an ever-changing industry. The USA Nutrition Facts Food Labeling Module — English/Spanish Designs is the module we recommend for all food manufacturers looking to create labels in both English and Spanish. This module works across all devices including PC, Mac, Tablet, and Smartphone, so your company can create a label quickly wherever you are located. It also has a large ingredient database for foods from around the world so your company can create a food labels based on who you sell to and based on the region for your exports.  Nutritionist Pro™ meets nutrition guidelines of the USA, Canada, UK, and China/Hong Kong markets currently, so wherever you or your consumer is located you can make an effective label with allergens and a full ingredient list.

How Nutritionist Pro™ helps the customer

Manufacturers and the food service industry know that their customers benefit from having all the information about their products. They benefit from this by learning about nutrition and by having the ability to compare and contrast product labels. Consumers find this important, and they expect nutrition information to be easy to find, and most of them believe it to be important when deciding whether or not to purchase a product.  That is why a nutrition label maker is so helpful for the foodservice industry and manufacturers because the easier you make it for your customers to find the nutrition information, the more likely they will buy your product and live healthier lives.

Why companies should care about their multi-lingual consumer base and utilize FDA nutrition labels

Gone are the days when companies assume that their consumer base is all English-speaking. Reflect the current times we live in by having options for both Spanish and English-speaking customers. Spanish nutrition facts for your US nutrition label can help you scale your business. Not only is it the right thing to do, to give accessibility to both groups but also because when you give the customer a chance to understand the nutrition of your product, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.

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