Is it Time Consuming to Create CFR 21 Food Labels Manually? Here’s A Quick and Easy Solution!
CFR 21 Food Labels

If you’re still creating food labels manually and often struggle to stay compliant with food regulations, you are spending valuable time which could be utilized to expand your food business or create innovative food recipes. By implementing a food labeling software, you can streamline the entire process and save time and money!

Whether it is your requirement to comply with CFR 21 or any other food regulations, a food labeling software can make your life easier. Before we learn how a software easily and quickly enables you to comply with CFR 21 food labeling guidelines, let’s review the regulations.

What is CFR Title 21?

CFR stands for Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, and is a part of the Food and Drug Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services. It belongs to the Food for Human Consumption and focuses mainly on food labeling regulations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) works to ensure the foods available in the US market are safe, wholesome and properly labeled. FDA rules are applicable to the foods produced domestically, as well as the foods being imported from other countries to the US market. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act are the Federal laws which govern the food products under FDA jurisdiction. CFR Title 21 covers entire aspects of food labeling.

Take a Deeper Look:

CFR 21 sets forth FDA guidelines on using electronic records and electronic signatures. Each title of the CFR 21 addresses different regulated areas and is intended to ensure that food companies and organizations implement good business practices by defining the criteria under which electronic records and signatures are required to be authentic, accurate, trustworthy, reliable, confidential, and similar to paper records and handwritten signatures on paper.

How Does CFR 21 Benefit the Food Industry?

By introducing the CFR 21, the FDA has immensely enabled the food industry to streamline business processes, reduce turnaround time and costs, all by establishing standard criteria for the use of electronic records and signatures. Without the CFR 21 rule, the food industry would have been unable to manage records and other content electronically, remarkably increasing the risk of human errors, increasing operational costs and increasing time-to-market for the food products.

CFR 21 Labeling Requirements

  • Subpart A includes the general provisions
  • Subpart B includes the specific food labeling requirements
  • Subpart C includes the specific nutrition labeling requirements and guidelines
  • Subpart D includes the specific requirements for nutrient content claims
  • Subpart E includes the specific requirements for health claims
  • Subpart F contains the specific requirements for descriptive claims excluding the nutrient content claims and health claims
  • Subpart G states the exemptions from food labeling requirements

How Do Food Companies Create CFR 21 Compliant Food Labels Easily and Quickly?

Creating food labels in compliance with CFR 21 rules by hand can be an arduous and expensive act. A data-based food labeling software can streamline the process by improving productivity and efficiency. The software database consists of ingredients from around the world and can be used to calculate nutrient breakdown of recipes and food labels.

Nutritionist PRO™ – a robust food labeling solution

Axxya Systems presents Nutritionist PRO™, a top-notch food labeling software, which has a wide user-base across food manufacturing, catering facilities, restaurants, etc. all over the world. It is used by chefs for recipe creation, for checking nutrient values, and most importantly, for creating nutrition facts labels for food packages and containers. Creating CFR 21 Food Labels and meeting all the essential guidelines for USA Food Labeling will be a snap using this software.

Nutritionist PRO™ is built to enable its users to easily and quickly generate unlimited nutrition facts labels in compliance with the USA guidelines and generate ingredient statements for labels. Nutritionist PRO™ is available both as desktop and online versions for more flexibility.