Nutrition Software for Healthcare Professionals

A Dietitian’s Bag of Tricks
Don’t spend hours making menus, diets and recipes by hand. 

Serving the Nutrition Industry since 1982
Let the Diet Analysis Module’s built-in features help free up your time.

An easy to use Nutrition Analysis Software
Great for Dietitians, Hospitals, meals on wheels, non-profit programs and more.

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Nutrition Software for Healthcare Professionals

Save Time Where It Matters

Nutrient tracking and meal planning can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, we can help to simplify the process! With a great meal-planning software, you can improve food habits in your patients by streamlining customized meal plans and crucial nutritional information tracking in one place. 

Nutritionist Pro™ is the best meal planning software for dieticians thanks to the wealth of features it offers. Create comprehensive nutritionist plans quickly with our pre-made templates.

A Proven Way to Streamline Efficiency

The Diet Analysis Module equips dietary professionals with an easy-to-use interface that tracks the nutrient composition of various recipes, meals, and diverse international cuisines worldwide. Create a nutritionist plan that fits your patient’s preferences.

The Leading Hospital Nutrition Software

Medical facilities that use hospital nutrition software can adjust diets, monitor patient exercise, and track nutrient assessments with this type of software. Hospital cafeterias and nursing homes that create weekly and monthly menus increase operational efficiency when they use cycle menus. Nutritionist Pro™ offers many time-saving solutions for nutrition data analysis and patient meal planning.


Set a patient’s Nutrient Goals

–Track nutrient intake and exercise output for your patient.

Monitor Nutrient Intake

Monitor nutrient intake using the latest Dietary Reference Goals for each patient.  Compare goals to keep patients on track.

Dumbbell P

Set Exercise Goals

Pick from a list of exercises and see calorie expenditure for your patient.

Caloric Needs P

Calculate Calorie Needs

Calculate Calories using built in formulas and also track weight over time for your patient. 

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Hospital nutrition software is imperative for inpatient or outpatient facilities. Medical professionals can adjust diets, monitor patient exercise, and track nutrient assessments. With the automated calculation feature, save time by tracking nutrient totals like calories, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals in-program. These comprehensive features offer the best meal planning software for dieticians tracking large volumes of patients, as Nutritionist Pro™ allows you to add an unlimited number of patients.

Track a patient’s Diet & Food Intake

–See how your patient is eating via a Diet record or Food Frequency Questionnaire.

Extensive foods from around the world

A large variety of food data from around the world makes it easy to track a patient’s intake.

24 HR or 3-Day Diet Recall

Create 24 hour or 3 day recalls to see how your patient is eating. Use built in reports for nutrition education.

Food Frequency Questionnaire

To see how your patient is eating over a certain time period use our built in FFQ features.

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Our international food database is the best in meal planning software, serving the nutrition industry since 1982. Medical facilities have extensive access to nutrition data analysis and nutritionist plans to calculate nutrition values. The Nutrition Raw Database is a vast subset of knowledge maintained by registered dietitians and is one of the most comprehensive nutrition data banks available in the industry.

Use preset menus for various caloric levels or customize menus based on facility needs. An easy-to-use hospital nutrition software creates a streamlined process for training new staff instead of needing to manage multiple programs to plan facility-wide menus.

24-Hour or Three-Day Diet Recall

Utilize the best meal planning software for dieticians who need to track a client’s diet and food intake. With 24-hour or three-day diet recall options, providers can monitor a client’s progress to improve overall nutrition and weight management. Improve patient follow-up outcomes with detailed nutritional information that is easy to access and reference over multiple appointments.

Food Frequency Questionnaire

See how much your patient eats via the Food Frequency Questionnaire or a Diet Record. The Food Frequency Questionnaire is the most commonly used method in nutritional epidemiology. Nutritionist Pro™ was designed by dietitians to efficiently process the FFQ’s information and convert it into nutrient and food group values. Data collected by the FFQ is used to assess dietary intake and particular aspects of a patient’s diet.

Meal Planning for Patients

–Use built in meal plans for various calories and health conditions.

Menu Creation Features

Use our built in menus and quickly create a meal plan for your patient.  Edit menu templates once and reuse it as needed to save time!

Meals P

Comprehensive Menus

Preset menus for various calorie levels and categories like Diabetic, Low FODMAP. Vegetarian and more.

nutrient data P

Nutrient Data for Menus

Use the latest DRI nutrient goals and see how your menu compares. Use reports for nutrition education

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Create professional meal plans with each patient’s nutrient goals in mind with a database maintained by registered dieticians. Hospitals that integrate Nutritionist Pro™ as their hospital nutrition software have instant access to auto-calculated nutritional data and pre-made template menus that cover various calorie needs.

Comprehensive Menus

Healthcare professionals that work with patients benefit from diabetic meal planning software. Whether pre-diabetic or diabetic, patients adjusting to a new lifestyle learn their exercise goals and caloric needs. Nutritionist Pro™ provides a list of preset menus that are customizable. Menus include diverse needs such as low FODMAP, Vegetarian, Vegan, Diabetic, Heart Healthy, and more. Save time generating a nutritionist plan for clients with a chronic disease by using our comprehensive diabetic meal planning software.

Create thoughtful and diverse meal plans faster with preloaded templates that can be customized to patient likes, dislikes, and allergies. Minimize the risk of allergen exposure by comparing different menus to choose the ones best suited for your patients.

Hospitals and large-scale facilities that handle meal planning can use recipe scaling to accommodate a large number of patients. With an extensive ingredient database at your fingertips and the ability to cycle menus quickly, diversifying a menu due to seasonal availability and patient load becomes a much easier task.

Nutrient Data For Menus

Use the latest DRI nutrient goals to compare menus. One of the most challenging aspects nutrition professionals face today is balancing client preferences and reformulating their diets to fit their health needs. Nutritionist Pro™ is the best meal planning software, offering a comprehensive database of food data for nutritionist plans.

Many report options make nutrition education easier?

–Access various reports in the Diet Analysis Module.

Large Report Variety

Select from over 55+ report options to help analyze diets, recipes, goals, menus and more.

Reports P

Popular reports

My Plate, Dietary Guidelines, Nutrition summary, list of foods in a menu and more

Export Data P

Spanish Reports & Extract Options

We offer some reports in Spanish. Reports may also be extracted in pdf, csv, rtf, etc.

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Comprehensive Report Options

With over 55+ reports available in the Diet Analysis Module, build the foundations of a healthy diet for your patients at every life stage. Finding the best meal-planning software for dieticians, medical professionals, and healthcare facilities doesn’t have to be a struggle. Create a cycle menu for nursing homes or medical facilities, streamline nutrition data collection for research, and convert the Food Frequency Questionnaire into nutrient and food group values.

A Wealth of Knowledge In Each Report

Prioritize patient engagement and get the most out of appointment times by using Nutritionist Pro™, the best meal-planning software for medical facilities. Analyze nutrient breakdowns of recipes and see an analysis of your patient’s macronutrients and potential vitamin deficiencies based on their diet.

Popular Reports

Popular physician reports such as My Plate, Dietary Guidelines, and nutrition summaries are available in the Diet Analysis Module. These are familiar to you and possibly your patients as well, making them easy to adapt to.

Spanish Reports & Extract Options

Many of our reports are available in Spanish and can be extracted in filetypes PDF, CSV, RTF, and more. This wide variety of options brings nutrition professionals the flexibility needed in the current healthcare environment. Easily extract the diet record attachments for virtual appointments.