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A Dietitian's Bag of Tricks

Don’t spend hours making menus, diets and recipes by hand. Rely on the easy to use built in features to save you time and money.

Serving the Nutrition Industry since 1980’s

Nutritionist Pro has been helping the industry for over 3 decades in over 100 countries.

Nutritionist Pro will make your Life A Lot Easier

Great for – Dietitians, Hospitals (inpatient and outpatient), meals on wheels, govt programs and more.

Care Providers


Recipe Analysis Features

Care Providers Love These Menu Creation Tools

Analyze Unlimited Recipes

Plan and see nutrient breakdown of recipe by portion.

Modify and Adjust Recipes

See nutrient breakdown and then adjust or modify a recipe to make it healthier.

Scale Recipes For Production

Built in feature to scale recipes, see report of various serving portions to help with Production.

Spend Hours Designing Customized Meal Plans?

At last, meal planning software program with you in mind.

Use The Menu Wizard

Provide meal plans for more and more ethnic taste preference requests from demanding customers faster.

Print And Email Options For A Variety Of Reports

The ability to simplify your work and save time!

Compare Menus Against Goals

Use built in or customized nutrients goals to compare a menu.

Some Key Features of Nutritionist Pro

Below are some highlights to our powerful Diet Analysis Module

Extensive Nutrient Database

Get complete analysis of foods from all over the world. Plus you can add an unlimited number of your own foods and recipes.

Quickly Search And Preview Nutrients

Instantly view nutrient values while adding foods and ingredients to diets, menus and recipes.

Recipe Analysis & Menu Creation

Analyze and see nutrient breakdown of unlimited recipes. Modify, compare or create recipes for your facility or patient.


Menus For Hospitals & Clinics

Incorporating various taste preferences and ethnic cuisines

Comprehensive Menus

Preset menus for various calorie levels and categories like Diabetic, Low FODMAP. Vegetarian and more.

Client Management Capabilities

Store all client contact and detail information in one place for a virtually unlimited number of clients.

Built in Calculators

Calculate caloric needs and caloric expenditures using METs for various activities

Client/Patient Nutrient Assessment

Great features For Hospital or out-patients

Meal Planning Software

Adjust diets, monitor exercise, weight logs and more for unlimited clients.

Monitor Nutrient Intake

See how your client is eating using diet recalls or FFQ, provide menus and use our robust reports for nutrition education.

Set Exercise And Weight Goals, Track Visit Notes

Keep track of your clients using our easy to access charts, reports and more.

Features For Research Study

Plan, analyze, and plan with unlimited research participants

Plan Your Research Study

Use the client or client group feature and track nutrient data for unlimited research participants.

Analyze Your Study Results

Provide the study results to your statistician, manage a large group of participants easily. Rely on robust data using latest data sources.

Our Team Can Help

There are many different ways to setup your data, talk to our team and we can help guide you as you begin your dietary intake process.

Recommended Module For Healthcare

Diet Analysis Module

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