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Nutritionist Pro™ For Students

Get Cutting Edge Nutrient Analysis Tools.

Align yourself with a worldwide leader in nutrition tools.

Become The Smartest Kid With Our Nutritionist Pro Product Line.

Get access to an extensive nutrient database for complete analysis of foods from all over the world.

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We love to help students get ahead in the nutrition industry.

Get A Head Start

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Massive Discounts For Students

When You Do Better, We Do Better.

Get A Standalone Version of Nutritionist Pro

Get a discount on a single user, CD version for simple setup on your personal computer to begin studying with.

Discounts On The Food Labeling Module

This module allows you to analyze and see nutrient breakdown of recipes/formulas along with creating food labels.

Graduate With Job-Ready Skills

The nutrition industry is looking for experts with Nutritionist Pro™ Toolset.

Starting Your Own Business?

Benefit From Student Discounts Before You Graduate

Get Fluent In Diet Analysis

Jobs are waiting for those who know how to analyze food, diets and menu planning.

Generate Raw Nutrient Data Reports

With Nutritionist Pro™ you can begin generating income by working with the Healthcare, Food, Fitness and Academia industries before graduation.

Create Healthy Menu's For Local Restaurants

Provide meal plans for more and more ethnic taste preference requests for restaurants in your area.

Become A Freelance Nutritionist

Nutritionist Pro™ Can Help You Succeed

Access A Dietitian's Bag of Tricks

Don’t spend hours making menus, diets and recipes by hand. Rely on the easy to use built in features to save you time and money.

Analyze Unlimited Recipes

Plan and see nutrient breakdown of recipe by portion.

Print And Email Options For A Variety Of Reports

The ability to simplify your work and save time!

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Extreme Diet Analysis

Get Top Grades When Your Professor Sees Your Homework

Monitor Nutrient Intake

See how an individual is eating using diet recalls or FFQ, provide menus and use our robust reports for nutrition studying.

Pick The Right Nutrients

Nutrient Goals and over 120 nutrients captured allow for in-depth client assessments.

Quickly Search And Preview Nutrients

Instantly view nutrient values while adding foods and ingredients to diets, menus and recipes.

Create Amazing Recipes

Impress Your Classmates

Analyze Unlimited Recipes

Plan and see nutrient breakdown of recipe by portion.

Modify and Adjust Recipes

See nutrient breakdown and then adjust or modify a recipe to make it healthier.

Scale Recipes For Production

Built in feature to scale recipes, see report of various serving portions to help with Production.

Learn With The Best Nutrition Data

Raise The Quality Of Your Research Study

Reliability Of Data

Use Diet Recals, or FFQs to setup your graduate research studies.

Long Reputable History

Nutritionist Pro has been helping clients create nutrient values for their recipes since the 1980s.

Continuously Growing

Over 82,000 foods and recipes from around the world.

Recommended Module For Students

Diet Analysis Module and/or Food Labeling Module

See our compare chart for exact features between these 2 modules.  Chat with us if you are not sure what is the right fit for your needs.

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