Nutrition Training and Resources

At Axxya Systems we understand the importance of training.  We offer many resources to help you learn our products and how to easily apply them to meet your nutrient analysis needs.

This video showcases the recipe and formula creation and editing features of the online application. Use our extensive food database and create recipes and formulas, see their nutrient breakdown in reports or labels.

This video covers frequently asked questions about options we have for Menu Labeling. We offer a few options connect with our team and we will be happy to help meet your needs. Just remember to be sure of your end goals so we can help meet your specific needs. Menu Labeling is a rule for US restaurants and similar establishments for displaying nutrient info on menus and menu boards.

The video describes how to create a diet record for a patient or client in Nutritionist Pro™ software.

The video describes how to create a menu for a client or facility in Nutritionist Pro™ software.

Nutritionist Pro™ Diet Analysis Module how to add a client video will show users how to add and create a client or patient. The Software is used to analyze a client/patients nutrition intake, set nutrient goals, provide educational reports, manage weight changes, log visit notes and more.

The video describes choices of reports available in Nutritionist Pro™ software.

The video describes how to add an ingredient using Nutritionist Pro™ Software. We have a large extensive food database but if you cant find a food or ingredient this video showcases how to add an ingredient/food to our desktop software.

Nutritionist Pro™ recipe features will teach users how to build and create their recipes or formulas to see the nutrient values. The recipes are built using an ingredient database with a history with history dating back to the early 1980's.

Nutritionist Pro™ extensive database offers users an easy way to build recipes, set up diets for clients/patients, create menus for food service, restaurants, hospitals and more. This search video showcases how to find foods in the database faster and more efficiently.

Nutritionist Pro Data Extraction Tool will extract large amounts of data from your recipes, diets, menus and more. Save time and use the extraction tool to extract and create easy to use excel spreadsheets. Great for researchers, statisticians, dietitians, professors, students and more. We recommend our Research users to add this Add on Tool it will save the team hours in extracting the study data after completion.