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College Level Instruction

Great For Nutrition and Culinary Programs

Perfect for Professors, Doctors plus undergrads teaching nutrition or culinary science in the academic setting.

Nutrition Programs Benefits

Students can learn how to create menus, diets, recipes and manage nutrition profiles for patients/clients

Culinary Program Benefits

Students can create recipes, modify recipes to meet nutrient goals, create labels with nutrient claims and more.

Student Lab Setup

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Easy Implementation For Computer Labs

Teach With The Best Nutritional Software Available

Easy Implementation

We work with your IT team to help install the best setup for your University

Easy Access For Students

Installing in Labs will allow for easy access for Students to complete assignments, learn different technology options and more.

Empower Students

Offer your students more with hands on technology and dietetics.

Great Student Features And Pricing

We Provide Educational Discounts

Special Pricing Available For Academic Use

Deals on your choice of Network server-client setup or Desktop/Laptop (Standalone) Versions. Contact us for details.

Group Nutrition Education Reports

Rapidly view and print numerous academic reports for diets, menus and recipes. Extract these reports in various formats such as CSV, RTF, PDF etc.

Analyze Recipes And See Their Nutrient Breakdown

Analyze and see nutrient breakdown of unlimited recipes. Compare recipes against a set nutrient goal.

Offer More By Offering A Robust App

Many Universities Use Nutritionist Pro™

Diet Analysis Module Features

Create Diets, Menus, Recipes, compare against set goals, see nutrient profile for patients/clients.

Food Labeling Module Features

Create and modify recipes, generate labels, see nutrient claims based on government guidelines.

Learn Better With Built-in Calculators

Students love the ability to calculate caloric needs and caloric expenditures using METs for various activities.

college research with nutritional software

Menu Features For The Classroom

Offered In Our Diet Analysis Module

Comprehensive Menus

Preset menus for various calorie levels and categories like Diabetic, Low FODMAP. Vegetarian and more.

Compare Against Nutrient Goals

Compare menus against customized or industry set nutrient goals.

Menu Analysis

Create cycle menus for your class. Use built in menu wizard to ease the burden of creating large monthly or weekly cycle menus.

Diet Features For Deep Learning

Offered In Our Diet Analysis Module

Monitor Nutrient Intake

Students use diet recalls or FFQ, to provide menus and robust reports to better learn their nutrition education.

Set Exercise And Weight Goals, Track Visit Notes

Students learn to track goals, like the pro's, using our easy to access charts, reports and more.

Analyze Unlimited Recipes

Create, adjust or modify recipes to meet the nutrient goals of your school assignments.

Food Labeling For Educators

Students Learn To Output Industry Ready Labels

The Importance Of Learning About Food Labels

Nutritionist Pro™, created by Dietitians, has been helping college students create compliant Nutrition Facts food labels.

Build Unlimited Recipes/Formulas

College educators utilize standard ingredient database with the ability to add custom ingrediants.

Works On PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphones

Teachers and students create nutrition labels the way they want, and where they want.

Recommended Module For Universities & Colleges

Diet Analysis Module For any nutrition based courses and Food Labeling Module for culinary classes

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