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Perfect for professors and teachers in an academic setting.

Nutrition Courses
Learn how the Diet Analysis Module can help create menus, diets, recipes, nutrient goals and more for patients.

Culinary Courses 
Learn how the Food Labeling Module can help create recipes with nutrient values, food labels with nutrient claims and more.

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Nutrition analysis software helps students to grow in their career development and have access to powerful tools to learn how to analyze nutrients and create healthy meal plans. It’s important for students to have the most up-to-date information and resources available to them in order to learn effectively. Our nutrition analysis software is perfect for professors and teachers at the college level who are looking to enhance their students’ learning and education. For nutrition courses, students will learn how the Diet Analysis Module can help them create healthy menus, diets, recipes, and even specific patient goals. For those in culinary courses, students learn about the Food Labeling Module and how it can create recipes, food labels, and more. With access to this software, teachers give their students experience with cutting-edge tools to grow their careers.

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This feature is available in the Diet Analysis Module

Nutrition Course

Set a patient’s Nutrient Goals

–Track nutrient intake and exercise output for your patient.

Monitor Nutrient Intake

Monitor nutrient intake using the latest Dietary Reference Goals for each patient.  Compare goals to keep patients on track.

Dumbbell B

Set Exercise Goals

Pick from a list of exercises and see calorie expenditure for your patient.

Caloric Needs B

Calculate Calorie Needs

Calculate Calories using built in formulas and also track weight over time for your patient. 

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Nutrition Course: Nutrient Goals

As more people become health conscious, they reach out to professionals for advice on hitting their health goals. If people are getting all the nutrients in their diet, their health will suffer, so it’s important for nutritionists to create health plans that work for their clients. Students taking nutrition courses to become professionals need to understand the best ways to hit client goals, such as weight loss, nutrient intake, and exercise. With nutrition analysis software, students learn how to monitor nutrient intake and exercise output to hit big-picture goals, like weight loss for clients.

With our automated system, you can pick from a list of exercises to determine calorie expenditure. Students may also use a calorie calculator using the built-in formulas in the nutrition analysis software and monitor the patient’s weight over time. 

Nutrition Course

Track a patient’s Diet & Food Intake

–See how your patient is eating via a Diet record or Food Frequency Questionnaire.

Extensive foods from around the world

A large variety of food data from around the world makes it easy to track a patient’s intake.

Diet Recall B

24 HR or 3-Day Diet Recall

Create 24 hour or 3 day recalls to see how your patient is eating. Use built in reports for nutrition education.


Food Frequency Questionnaire

To see how your patient is eating over a certain time period use our built in FFQ features.

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Nutrition Course: Track a Patient’s Diet and Food Intake

Students and researchers can easily track patients’ food and nutrient intake with reports to analyze nutritional content and an extensive ingredient database. With twenty-four-hour and three-day recall ability, students will be able to look at reports that have analyzed client intake over short periods of time. There is also a Food Frequency Questionnaire, there that allows students to study how a patient eats over an extended period of time. The Food Frequency Questionnaire is also particularly helpful for research purposes and can be used to analyze a patient’s overall health and diet implications. 

This feature is available in the Diet Analysis Module

This feature is available in the Diet Analysis Module

Nutrition Course

Many report options make nutrition education easier?

–Access various reports in the Diet Analysis Module.

Large Report Variety

Select from over 55+ report options to help analyze diets, recipes, goals, menus and more.

Reports B

Popular reports

My Plate, Dietary Guidelines, Nutrition summary, list of foods in a menu and more

Extract B

Spanish Reports & Extract Options

We offer some reports in Spanish. Reports may also be extrcted in pdf, csv, rtf, etc.

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Nutrition Course: Many Report Options Make Nutrition Education Easier

When it comes to nutrition education, having many different reports available for students to learn from and analyze is a vital component of their success. Our meal planning software has many different reports that students and teachers can use for learning purposes. With more than fifty-five reports available that can analyze diets, recipes, menus, and goals, students will learn more about nutrition and effective ways to help clients.

Some of the most popular reports include MyPlate, Dietary Guidelines, and Nutrition Summary. There are also some reports available in Spanish. If you’re looking for a program that can help your students analyze a lot of different data sets, then you should be able to find reports that help students learn more about nutrition.

Culinary Course

Create or Edit Food Labels

–Camera ready food labels provide a graphics file to your team for your package.

Select from many nutrition label designs

Many design options available such as Vertical, Dual Column, Horizontal, and more. 

Label B


We also offer many lanugage options — English, French, Spanish, and Chinese

Extract B

Edit, Print & Extract Options

Change color, size, & extract labels in pdf, png or jpg. Many compatible printer options. 

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Culinary Course: Create or Edit Food Labels

For students taking culinary courses, learning how to create food labels is essential in order to comply with local regulations and provide the most specific information to consumers. There’s a lot of information and analysis that goes into creating food labels, which is why using this software will teach students the most efficient and optimal way to go through the food label process. Food requirements are constantly being changed and updated, so your students must have the correct information. We have designs and recipe nutrition calculators to ensure that food labels follow FDA guidelines.

Students will be able to create camera-ready food labels for their projects with our recipe management software. For classroom homework, projects, reports, or presentations, the label maker can work on multiple printers and can be saved in a variety of ways to ensure convenience. Students will be able to present food labels that are compliant with specific regions as well as different design and language options.

When working with our culinary software, students will be able to calculate nutrition information and sort food into categories, like Sugar-Free or High-Protein, with our built-in formulas and automation systems. Having correct labels for customers is incredibly important, as people with allergies and food restrictions rely on labels to make informed decisions.

Food Label Editing

This feature is available in the Food Labeling Module

Add ingredients to recipes

This feature is available in the Food Labeling Module

Culinary Course

Recipe and Formula creation

–Easy to use screens to build your food recipes

Recipe Editing and Creation

Use our step by step screens to create or edit any recipe quickly and easily.

Copy B


Save time and use the copy feature to replicate and slightly edit recipes as needed.

Caloric Needs B


See nutrient breakdown and then adjust or modify a recipe to make it healthier.

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Culinary Course: Recipe and Formula Creation

Structuring a food menu takes skill and organization. With recipe management software, students will learn how to build a healthy menu with our tools. With our recipe editing and creation programs, students can build recipes in easy steps. Our culinary software is designed to be easy to use, so students can add or edit ingredients as they wish to explore effective ways to make a meal healthier.

Students will be able to use the copy-and-paste features to save time and focus on learning rather than completing repetitive tasks. Along with this part of the software, students will access a nutrient breakdown report, so they’ll be able to adjust and modify recipes as needed. 

Students need to be prepared to help clients make healthy choices and provide consumers with ingredient information on product labels. With our software, students will learn effective processes to organize a healthy menu, enable clients to meet weight loss goals, and learn how to create recipes and food labels. It’s important to give your students the best resources available to help them succeed in their studies and career. If you are looking for nutrition analysis software that will enhance your students’ learning, then try out the free trial of the Diet analysis module or Food Labeling module.