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Canada has finalized the new Food Label Format.  Transition time is 5 years!. See how we can help!

Axxya Systems offers a wide range of products to meet your nutrient analysis needs.  Some of the many features include:

  • Create Nutrition facts labels for USA, Canada, UK/Europe, China/Hong Kong
  • Create labels in many different languages — English, French, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Create Recipes/Formulas and see nutrient breakdown
  • Extensive database of over 75,000 foods from around the world
  • Nutrient data for many specialty nutrients more than the basic ones found on many consumer sites.
  • Create menus and compare against nutrient goals
  • See nutrient breakdown for Patient Diets, Menus etc
  • Create Nutrient Profile and goals for clients and patients
  • Record 24 hr diet recalls or FFQs
  • And More …

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  • The Nutritionist Pro was by far the best client based software I have ever used, it has saved me hours of paper work and very simple to use! I would recommend it to anyone in the nutrition field.
    Callan Fay from UK
  • "Axxya's quality, professionalism, and support has been superlative. Axxya is an excellent partner—they understand both our business and technical needs, and work closely with us to help us be successful. Our customers are consistently impressed with the coverage and accuracy of the database. The Nutritionist Pro database is a key competitive differentiator for our product."Donna Kelley, Technology Manager.

    Cengage Learning Inc.
  • The dietitians on the Weight Watchers® team find Nutritionist Pro to be a comprehensive, user-friendly software that provides an excellent tool to analyze thousands of recipes and menus.Stephanie Shoemer, RD, Weight Watchers®
    Weight Watchers
  • "In my 20 years in the food industry, I have worked with some of the most well-known sophisticated labeling software on the market.  Last year, in consulting for a small food company, I was asked to investigate programs for their company.  Through Institute of Food Technology resources, I found Nutritionist Pro.  Not only does it offer the ability to formulate, determine claims and develop FDA approved labeling, the service and support is outstanding.  Even more importantly, the program is affordable for small to mid sized companies while offering all the formulating and labeling needs for any sized company.  I highly recommend Nutritionist Pro to all my clients." Shelly Freyn, Food Scientist/Industry Consultant
    Shelly Freyn
  • "When looking for a qualified software partner for our Lifestyle Cuisine program, we analyzed many options. The goal was to find a solution allowing us to follow and track nutritional measurements that were established by the Fairmont F&B team. The focus was on making evaluating recipes and nutritional details precise and easy for our chefs to follow. We ultimately chose Axxya's "Nutritionist Pro", a software package primarily used by professional Nutritionists in their day to day operations, which really delivers on the aforementioned criteria very well." Mariano Stellner Corp. Director F&B

    The Americas Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
  • “We have enjoyed working with Axxya. After analyzing all of our recipes, they were able to provide a custom easy to use, cost- saving database that enables us to perform our own recipe analysis as needed. We found their knowledge and expertise in the area of gluten analysis to be especially comforting as we strive to provide more gluten-free menu options to those who have to live a gluten -free lifestyle. Their customer service has been amazing, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.” Matthew Baizer

    Matthew Baizer, President, Zao Noodle Bar

Some of our clients

We are blessed with clients from many industries, academia and government. Here are just a few of our global users.
Singapore General Hospital
Duke Medicine
University of Ottawa
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Tung Wah College
Hospital Authority
University of Bristol
Cengage Learning
Weight Watchers
Jenny Craig
Whole Foods
Vanderbilt University
Wrap Zone

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