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We know that sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what product is right for you.  At Axxya Systems we offer a wide range of modules you can pick from to meet all your nutrient analysis needs.  Our team is here to help answer any questions as you explore these great resources to help you pick the right product.


Create and Build Recipes/Formulas

Recipe Cooking Loss/Gain

Extensive Food Database 

Add any custom ingredient/food not found in the database

Cycle Menus ex. 4 week cycle

Menus for Restaurants

Menu Creation for Patients/Clients

Sample Menu Templates for Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Diabetic etc

Diet Creation/24 Hr Recall for Clients/Patients

Various Nutrient Reports

Manage Clients/Patients

Diet Recals, FFQ for Research Participants

Nutrient Assessments of Clients/Patients

Exercise and Weight/Nutrient Goals

USA Food Labels

Canada Food Labels

Europe/UK Food Labels

China/Hong Kong Food Labels

Save Labels in Graphics Images

Allergen Statement

Ingredient Statements

Edit Label images

Type in nutrient values for Food Labels if you have the data 

Nutrient Claims for foods like Fat Free

Online Access from anywhere

Desktop Access on Local Machines or your internal network











=  if you are looking for nutrient break down of your menu items for example -- chicken burrito, taco salad etc.  You can purchaes any of our 3 options -- menu creation module, food labeling desktop or online.  You can also set up a live demo with our team so we can show you the 3 options.

=  Allergen statement in the desktop application is a free text box you can type in the allergens for your label while the Online has a list of allergens that can be selected to display on the label.

If you are a consultant and work in a few different industries connect with our team and we can help find the best solution for you.